Improve your Performance and Sound with Speedster Exhaust

   Hey Metric Cruiser owners, are you tired of your stock exhaust and its weak sound? Do you wish it offered up more power? The Crew at K and G Cycles ( has just what you are looking for, a hot exhaust from the Pros at Cobra USA. For those of you that have a 1998-2007 Yamaha Roadster (or one of 18 other fitments), we have got the exhaust you have been looking for – The Cobra Speedster Longs.

   Cobra’s Speedster Exhaust systemcobra exhausts combine traditional styling with modern performance and technology. These triple-chromed, shotgun-styled pipes feature full-length, 222-degree heat shields, as well as chromed aluminum billet  exhaust tips. Though we are looking at the long Speedsters, they do come in shortie and slash down versions too. They also deliver power gains over stock that are among the highest in the motorcycle industry. In part, those gains come from the Cobra Power Port, the company’s proprietary crossover technology that helps to increase overall power output from idle to red line. The end result is the Speedster Exhaust from Cobra delivers the kind of power increase you would normally experience with a 2-into-1 performance oriented exhaust system, while retaining the clean classic lines of a 2-into-2 set up. Let’s face it, not only are we looking to improve the sound of our motorcycle when we install new exhaust, we are also looking for substantial performance gains too.

   Upgrading your exhaust is one accessory installation that offers numerous rewards. From hot looks, a better sound, and more power, the benefits of installing a new exhaust system on your bike are sure to please. Get a jump on the season and call your friends at K and G Cycles ( for that new Cobra Speedster exhaust, and you will leave all your buddies green with envy, when you can hear them speak.