Improved Braking and Custom Looks in a 4 Piston Package

We all know riding a motorcycle is becoming more and more challenging everyday because of many reasons including distracted drivers. With that, we often find ourselves dealing with more panic stop situations. We also feel the need for safe, accurate braking ability as well. Because we spend a lot of time in the saddle, all of us here at K and G Cycles ( look for items that keep us safer. Hawg Halters 4 Piston Calipers deliver top notch braking ability for those sticky situations. They are available for most stock H-D’s, as well as a wide variety of custom build applications.

The companies shawg-halters-HHRKDSL_3463  logan, “Start with the best, Stop with the best” is more than just a catchy ad gingle. It is a belief in the product that provides superior stopping ability and adds show quality components to any bike. They started with an idea and engineered it with technologies like solid modeling and finite element analysis and that is just the beginning. They select only the premium materials like aircraft grade 6061 billet aluminum drawn to custom specifications along with stainless steel alloys best suited for the application, combined to produce the best performing products available. With prototype testing performed until perfection is reached, Hawg Halters delivers the highest quality braking components around. With the most effective manufacturing methods for each component and the use of computer aided manufacturing and CNC high speed machining centers, that mean less scrap, less down time and reduced cost for everyone.  Best known for their 4 Piston brake caliper kits, the latest addition to the HH product line, Hawg Halters Complete Kits come with a Rear 4 Piston Caliper & Bracket for Left Side Drive motorcycles. With an 11.5″ Rotor & Hat these kits are designed to work flawlessly with commonly used 3/4″ Axles bikes.

When it comes to braking ability, we all want the best and Hawg Halters delivers that. With numerous applications, from stock to custom, these 4 piston calipers increase your braking ability by leaps and bounds. Head over to K and G Cycles ( and see the great line up of Hawg Halters products available.