Improving your Visual Footprint with Auxiliary Lighting

   All too often it seems we are caught out after dark on our motorcycles, and one thing becomes painfully clear. They lack abundant lighting from the factory. There is a solution and it’s available right here at K and G Cycles ( You can add auxiliary lighting to almost every Metric bike on the road today. Even though we have different names for them, Driving Lights, Passing Lamps, Spot Lights, or even Fog Lamps they all serve the same purpose, to increase the amount of light your motorcycle provides when riding.

   Today we will refer to them as Driving Lights, the set of lights that flank the headlamp assembly that increase your visibility by adding more light to your path. Depending on what bike you ride and your preferred style, there are range of designs available to you.

  • mini contour BBP-53-436   The Mini – Just as the name implies, these light assemblies are just that. Coming in at 2 3/8″ they have a smaller housing than traditional versions but pack as much punch in a more focused beam. These reduced size set-ups make sense for use on non-fairing equipped motorcycles or “smaller” bikes that don’t have the real state for a set of big lights and a dominating mounting bar. Mini’s provide a sleek look that compliments the smooth, flowing lines on many Cruiser’s on the market today. With all the wiring being internally routed, this provides a clean, custom look. Available in incandescent, halogen, or L.E.D. light versions, the math is simple, the more light your motorcycle puts out, the more you see and are seen, making auxiliary lighting a great safety add-on.
  • full size dr lites BBP-63-132-01      The Full Size (Classic)  – The bigger of the two housings, these are generally used on the bigger bikes that lean towards a more nostalgic look. With most measuring 3 1/2″ in diameter, this version is most often used on the touring and classic cruiser category bikes. With a bigger housing, the full size lights are reminiscent of the classic bikes from yesteryear. With bulbs available in incandescent, halogen, or L.E.D. designs, these bigger lights almost appear to be flood lights for the motorcycles path unlike their smaller cousins that tend to have a stronger, more output. So depending on the type of bulb you purchase, you can expect a range from a wash over the area, to a clean, clear beam accenting the headlight.
   For the record, the “see and be seen” theory is never a bad choice when selecting accessories to install on your motorcycle. Adding auxiliary lighting can vastly improve your visual footprint, as well as improve night time visibility. Who wouldn’t love 3 extra seconds when that critter decides to cross in front of you? How about lighting up those street signs in advance so you don’t have to negotiate a dangerous last minute maneuver.  Take a look at the great selection of auxiliary lighting available at K and G Cycles ( and light up the night for yourself and everyone else.