In Chrome We Trust!

For the fans of Chrome, we all know there is never enough. Heck, I think we’d put Chrome on our Chrome if we could figure out a way. At K and G Cycles (, it is our job to provide you with the best, high quality Chrome accessories for your bike. With the season in full swing, it is high time you get that ride Chromed so everyone can be jealous.

I figure the easiChrome headbolt bridge CC-48271est way is to start at the top and work our way down. Every time I look at my bike or when I am cleaning it up, I have often wondered why The Motor Company left the head bolt area looking as ugly as it is. Come to find out, there are a few companies making fillers, covers, or whatever you want to call them, to hide those unsightly bolts. Of all the ones available I chose the Scorpions Head Bolt covers in Chrome. Adding a splash Chrome of to an otherwise boring area of the bike really brightens things up. These covers are held in place by hidden set screws that insure a rattle free existence. A bonus feature is when you want or need to change the spark plugs, you don’t have to remove the covers.

Next up is probabChrome inner primary cover CC-48231ly one of the most popular Chrome covers added to American V-Twin bikes, a Chrome Inner Primary Cover. These easy to install chrome accents give you the look of a fully chrome-plated Inner Primary for a fraction of the cost. Because of the die-cast construction, a much more precise fit, and a classier three-dimensional look is the result. Nicely formed edges give these Covers a creamy, flowing appearance that enhances the entire Primary area. Four mounting points permit easy installation in minutes and ensure a secure, quiet life. How does it feel to be making the big transformation from a boring bike to a show stopper?

We are half wcykinder base cover CC-600383ay through Chrome-A-Thon 2013 and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t show you Part # CC-600383, the Twin Cam Cylinder Base Cover. Smooths the transition between the Cylinders and the engine cases. This form-fitting Cover Chromes the entire gap between the Cylinder base and the Inner Primary making your bike look tougher than ever. Covering up some of the most unsightly areas on the bike has never been easier. With fitments covering most models from 2000 and newer, there is sure to be an application for your twin cam.

The final Transmission Interface CC-600384 Chrome trim piece is the transmission interface that dresses up the area where tranny and power plant meet up. Most people feel the Chrome exhaust is enough to highlight the are, but we feel differently. What’s the poker term, “All in”? Transform the right side of your awesome Twin Cam Engine with these easy to install, luxurious covers. The Beauty of this piece is it is available for all bikes equipped with stock head pipes or aftermarket True Dual Pipes.

Adding some beautiful Chrome accessories to your Twin Cam H-D has never been easier. Let K and G Cycles ( hook you up with some sweet Chrome so your friends will call you King Bling.