Increase your Sound and Performance with RUSH

   In a world of full of emission regulations, sound ordinances, and computer controlled everything, one company keeps you legal and sounding great! I am sure you have heard of them before – RUSH – no, not the Rock group that gave you such classics as Big Money, Roll the Bones, 2112 Overture, and of course Tom Sawyer, I am referring to the exhaust manufacturer from Indiana. Here at K and G Cycles we want to give you an exhaust option that sounds as good as it looks.

   The fine folks at RUSH Racing Products have developed a full line of performance enhancing exhaust from simple Slip-On Mufflers to Full Systems. Another great option from RUSH is most products can be had in beautiful, rich Chrome finish, or with a rock solid sinister black powder coat. With a resume’ that exceeds 30 years in the performance exhaust business, all of the high quality products are designed and produced in their State of The Art facilities in Northern Indiana. Check out some of the great features and benefits of installing new Rush Exhaust components.

   Slip-On Mufflersrush fatboy slip-ons: The easiest way to increase performance and sound volume is by installing a set of Rush’s Slip-on Mufflers. In many cases the only it is a simple remove and reinstall process. It is recommended you replace your muffler clamps when installing new mufflers to avoid any leaks (average price for a pair $15.00). With a selection process as simple as selecting an end cut and baffle size, and Chrome or Black, a new bike is literally around the corner. With sound ranging from the classic H-D sound to just shy of obnoxious, there is a Rush muffler for everyone. A big concern when installing an upgraded exhaust is whether or not the need to tune/remap the fuel system so we asked the Pros at Rush –  For the best increases of power and sound, it is advised to use a 2″ baffle up to a 2.5″ baffle depending on the year and model of your bike. Slip-Ons are available in Chrome or Black finishes to blend well with whatever look you want.

   Full Exdyna rush 2 into 1haust Systems: The same great company that brought you some of the best slip-on mufflers also has at the ready complete exhaust systems. With each system boasting ceramic coating standard on both the inside and outside of the head pipe, the resulting exhaust temperatures are cooler than any other full system by up to 300º. For peace of mind, Chrome systems come with ¾ wrap blue proof heat shields that hide any discoloration that may occur. Take note, replacing the stock exhaust system with an aftermarket system will almost always require re-jetting of the carb or the use of a fuel management module to make the necessary adjustments for the proper air-fuel ratios. For maximum results tuning on a dyno is also recommended.

   RUSH is one Exhaust Manufacturer providing products that produce results. From Slip-Ons to Full Systems, K and G Cycles has you covered. Contact us today for all of your performance enhancing exhaust needs and experience the difference.