Increase your visibility through Sound – The Wolo Bad Boy

wolo horn As motorcyclists know, we face many more challenges than just the road as we travel to and fro. Dogs, Deer, Loud Stereos and drivers that can’t hear us, natural blind spots, and those drivers with electronic device distractions all ad up to a challenging ride every time we hit the road. Honking for notification is a feeble attempt at best because the stock horns on most motorcycles are marginal at best. When K and G Cycles ( started the process of selecting vendors and products being made available to its customers, we selected Wolo Horns because we knew a replacement horn was one weapon of defensive riding. For those that haven’t heard of Wolo, they are the Premiere aftermarket air horn maker for motorcycle applications. Packing a whopping 118 decibels of sound into one compact package, The Bad Boy Horn is the latest in air horn technology. It’s simple 1 piece design contains everything within, meaning there are no external hoses or separate compressors. Installation takes mere minutes by simply transferring the factory horn wires to the compressor.  So you gain the attention of the “Cage Dwellers” The Bad Boy from Wolo produces a powerful 530 / 680 Hz dual-tone sound at least two times louder than ANY factory car horn! A heavy-duty, maintenance-free compressor will provide the sound you want for years to come, and the mirror-bright chrome finish will add a little attitude to any ride!
Product Highlights including a video comparing a stock horn and a Wolo Bad Boy:

*VIDEO*(Video to hear the the difference between stock horn and The Wolo Horn)

*Installs in minutes
* LOUD 118-decibel two-tone sound
* Fits all 12V vehicles
* Mounts using a single included bolt
* Bright chrome finish
* Maintenance-free, compact size (2 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 4 1/2″ h) mounts in almost any location.


When you realize your stock horn isn’t strong enough for the job, contact the Pros at K and G Cycles ( to get your Bad Boy Horn by Wolo. Stick out be noticed, rather than blend in and be consumed.