Increased Comfort and A Longer Season – Brought to you by Heated Gear

I recently had the opportunity to participate in 2 organized rides and although it was clear skies and sunny, it was still a bit on the cool side. Don’t get me wrong, I was dressed in correct gear and had heated grips on my motorcycle so I wasn’t “Cold”, but knowing my comfort level could still be increased got me thinking about heated gear. It seems there are  products available to warm you from your feet to hands and everything in between, and it’s available from K and G Cycles ( I know you are saying “If its so cold that I have to wear heated gear to ride, than I’m going in a vehicle where there is heat.” That is a good idea, but why did you get your bike in the first place? To experience the sights, sounds, and smells not available in cars or trucks. Nothing beats being out on a crisp morning seeing the wide screen version of Fall, unless of course you are cold and choose to be in a vehicle.


Heatefirst gear heated jacket linerd Jacket liners give you the most bang for your buck. Designed to be worn over a single layer of clothing, a t-shirt or other lightweight garment, the jacket liner will warm your core, thus bringing the rest of your bodies temperature up to a far more comfortable level than if you didn’t have the liner. A protective outer Jacket should always be worn over it so the heating elements do not get damaged by weather or debris. Best of all the liners are built to be temperature neutral, so you can wear your liner all day and not have to change clothing when you need heat. Most liners offer a lightweight soft nylon shell for minimum bulk, non-coated finish for maximum breathability, and have a snug fit for optimum heat transfer to the body. Heating pads positioned on the front, upper and lower back, as well as the sleeves and collar deliver full heat for maximum coverage, and distribution.

Gloveheated glovess are a very important weapon in the arsenal against cold weather riding. Whether you have a bike that has a fairing or one that doesn’t, our hands become a victim when cooler temps arrive, so why not add heating on demand? No I’m not talking about heated grips, although they are nice, but they’re not nearly as effective as a pair heated gloves. Even by basic design, most heated gloves have an extended cuff that enables you to tuck the sleeves of your coat into the glove to keep the cold off the wrist and lower arm. Heated Gloves can typically be plugged directly into a heated jacket liner so multiple control units are not needed. Not only do heated gloves keep your hands warm, they also offer you abundant protection from air born road debris. An additional benefit of heated gloves is waterproofing to keep your hands dry too. There is nothing worse than wet hands when it’s cold. Talk about a ride spoiler.

Cold Feet is somfeet warmersething that only the Groom should experience on his Wedding Day, not the motorcyclist on a great ride in cooler weather.  In addition to a great pair of boots, Synergy gives you warmth without bulk or discomfort in their heated insoles, making for a safer, more enjoyable ride. A lightweight flexible carbon fiber heating elements provide safe, even warmth, heating your entire foot from heel to toe, extending your ride.

When you want to extend your riding season and grab the latest heated gear, from the clothes to the controllers and additional powerports,  let the K and G Cycles Team ( help you select the right gear that’s right for you.