Increasing Comfort and Protection in 1 Step

   When the time comes to accessorize your bike, why not make it a functional add-on. I bet you wish there was a way for you to stretch your legs on a long run? What if I told you there was a way you could achieve this and give yourself some low speed protection at the same time? At K and G Cycles ( we strive to bring you the parts you want at the best prices, and that includes Engine Guards and the accessories you want for them.

Comfort, Style, and ProEng guard 51-0878tection are 3 words that are usually not associated with each other, unless you are talking about engine guards. Many people also call them “Crash Bars” , but that sort of sets a bad tone, kinda like saying, “There’s nothing to worry about, I’ve got a crash bar.” Engine Guards available from K and G Cycles ( come in many different shapes and styles, and most are available in Chrome or Black. The main objective when installing an engine guard is to give protection to the engine and paint should the bike go over on its side.  Engine guards usually will keep the bike off the riders legs if the rider goes down with the bike, in most cases preventing more serious injury.

Digging deeper into Engine Guards, with the addition of highway pegs and mounts, they now are set up to offer us increased comfort, especially on longer rides. Allowing the rider to stretch out on longer rides provides greater comfort, less cramping, and a more relaxed feel,  yet still maintaining the same amount of protection. Highway peg mounts and pegs come in a large variety of designs that match many OEM and custom themes available, as well as mounts for tall, short, or average height riders with some being fully adjustable.

Deep sickness bar Now lets talk about the Engine Guard itself. There are several models available from, but let’s start with the classic oval. This is the guard that has been around since one was available. Most commonly seen on the smaller bikes, these have an unmistakable rounded oval shape that is a time proven design, with enough shoulder room to mount pegs if desired.  Next is the square of the group, literally, the top side of this offering is flat on top, with flat sides that fall back on the lower legs to attach to the frame. With its flat side, it has a large range of placement for highway pegs   This seems to be a favorite among those with intermediate size bikes. Mustache Bars are a more recent addition to the Engine Guard line up. Looking quite like a mustache.  They have a a drop curve design and a rounded lower half, but they do not leave much room to attach pegs. To remedy this many of the Mustache Bars have integrated footrests built in either in a topside mounted pad or an ingenious flip out peg design that folds into the top when not in use. Now if you want the combination of an Engine Guard with a custom design, you’re in luck, K and G Cycles ( has Deep Sickness Highway Bars, a combination Mustache Bar and security device all in one. Install one of these on your bike and people will be afraid to touch it. If you want to add even more protection to your bike, saddlebag guards are also available, giving even more of your bike peace of mind. So you see even though comfort, style, and protection are 3 words that appear to have no possible connection, they actually work well for you and your ride.