Indian Larry – The Spirit Lives On

   Back in 1949 a small family in New YIndianLarry_LoneWolf3ork welcomed a baby boy into the world who would later become one of the most respected Motorcycle Builders on the planet. Lawrence DeSmedt was like many young kids back then, playing with Lincoln Logs, customizing his younger sisters trike, even assembling Revel model kits. As Lawrence grew older he learned how to weld from Conrad Stenglein and developed his desire produce strong, high quality parts. It was as this young man he purchased his first Harley, a 1939 Knucklehead, which subsequently got torn down and rebuilt over the course of 9 years. His path in life was set, Motorcycles were to become his life’s passion. The stripped down, tall handlebar, foot clutched, jockey shifted, no front brake or fender, small gas tank, open piped, kick start only, stock rake choppers that prevailed in the 1960’s were what he preferred. This went along with his “Gearhead ” mentality.

   Fast forward to ILP001the late 80’s when Lawrence became involved in the underground motorcycle scene and was featured in an Iron Horse Magazine article along with his 1950’s Indian Chief Chopper. It was at that moment “Indian Larry” emerged. After constant battles with personal demons Larry along with pals Paul Cox, Fritz “Spritz by Fritz” Schenck, Steg, and Frank, started Psycho Cycles. Heading into the 2000’s Larry founded Gasoline Alley in Brooklyn. Soon after he took over the business and renamed it “Indian Larry Enterprises” Besides building one off motorcycles, Larry started producing custom  accessory pieces for sale to the public. Fame and fortune were headed his way. With numerous appearances on The Discovery Channels “Biker Build Off” series his popularity was growing. Larry was also a stunt performer whether it was at Coney Island or one of the many Bike Rallies or Shows he attended. While performing his famed “Crucifix Pose” something caused his motorcycle “Grease Monkey” to start to wobble and before he had time to recover, he was thrown from the bike. Suffering serious head injuries he would not recover from, Indian Larry passed 2 days later.

   After Larry’s untimely pasILGT01sing in 2004 his friends and partners Bobby and Elisa Seeger continued Indian Larry’s dream of a custom motorcycle shop creating rideable works of art along with a parts and clothing line. Close friends with Larry for many years Bobby and his wife Elisa started working with Indian Larry in 2002. Elisa was his Business Manager, while Bobby assumed the role of Marketing and Public Relations Manager. Along with Bobby and Elisa, the dedicated team of motorcycle enthusiasts ensure the highest quality is put in to every bike, part and clothing item.

   As we all know, greatness passes on, as did Indian Larry that day in 2004 but Bobby and Elisa have picked up the torch to keep Indian Larry’s dream alive. You can still honor his legacy with the brass accessories that were his trademark, fuel tanks and more for your motorcycle. Plus you can cover yourself in clothing from head to toe. Boots, Shirts, Jackets, and Hats emblazoned with the infamous wings and question mark are available from K and G Cycles ( Contact us today and let his spirit live on!