Individual control saves Eardrums and Marriages

For those of us that have a factory intercom system on our bike, two of the most common used phrases are “Turn that Down!” or “Can you turn that Up!” K and G Cycles ( has the solution to this back and forth game, an inline Volume Control Module available today.

intercom-control1Everyone sets sound levels differently for their own desired listening levels. K and G Cycles is aware of this need for individual sound volume control while riding, as both rider and passenger most often would prefer to regulate their own volume rather than have to meet in the middle. After searching high and low, we have stumbled onto a 5 Pin Din Volume Control. This Plug ‘N Play module ( Part # BBP-13-206 ) simply plugs in between your headset and your motorcycle 5 pin din connector. This easy to install jack module immediately gives the user control of both left and right speakers individually as well as microphone volume control, that will take it all the way to off. This 3 function volume control is the ideal way to eliminate listening compromises and makes motoring much more enjoyable for all. Due to it’s low, low price of $59.95, you can afford to give one as a Birthday gift, Pre-season gift, or for no reason at all. 

 When you finally decide you’ve had enough of the “Too loud, not loud enough, I can’t hear you” game, head over to K and G Cycles (www, and purchase one of these handy volume control modules today. It saved my marriage and now we ride together more often on longer relaxing rides.