Install a Wide Tire Kit in The Off Season

   With Winter on the horizon and many of us becoming couch potatoes, now is the time to start modifying our rides. I for one want to install a wide rear tire kit on my 04′ Classic. There is something about a 200mm tire tucked under that rear fender. Now realistically nobody wants to be told they have a nice wide rear end. That is unless you are talking to a motorcycle rider that just finished the installation of a wide tire kit on their bike. You are now free to ask, “Does she handle better with that much meat out back?”, “With it that wide, is it hard to layover in the curves?”, or “Doesn’t she look so much better with some meat on her bones? It was way too skinny.” At K and G Cycles ( we can arrange it so you hear these and many more comments that only sound degrading but in fact, are not. All you have to do is purchase one of our Wide Tire Kits.

   We all know getting a more aggressive stance on any of our vehicles can completely change the attitude of that vehicle and your as well. Installing a wide tire kit on your motorcycle can give your ride a mild or wild custom look. It doesn’t matter if you ride a Sportster or one of the full on Touring bikes, there is a kit for you. From a little wider to a lot wider, and from minimal to all inclusive these wide tire kits are sure to satisfy your craving for more meat.

Here a few examples of the range of kits available from K and G Cycles:

   Take a look at Part # STWSP240-4 , this is StamSportster wide tire kit STWSP240_02-01pedes 240mm Wide Tire Kit for your 2004 and later Harley-Davidson Sportster. This particular kit comes with a rectangular swing arm, pulley, pulley side plate, swing arm, axle, and fender struts. Just select your sheet metal and you are good to go. Turn your Sporty into a bad boulevard brawler with this kit that will add almost 100mm to the stock tire width and give you a wicked profile. Take your Sportster to the next level and stand apart from the crowd.

   Got a Softtsofttail 240 kit from stampedeail instead? Try Part #51-0655 , a 200mm Softtail package. This Wide Tire Kit works with 200mm tires and installs on 2000 to 2006 Harley Softails, and delivers a mean look with a good amount of rubber hitting the ground. Each kit includes a swingarm with axle, primary offset kit, crankshaft extension, extension nut, primary gasket kit, transmission mainshaft and main drive gear. Also included is the trick caliper bracket which enables the use of a stock rear caliper. Tabs for the belt guard are welded in place. One small note, due to the large variety of wheels, fenders, fender struts and wheel spacers, these are not included in the kit. Fatten up that Softtail and get the ride you really wanted.

   Not wanting to Fat Baggers kit FBH200Bleave the Touring Family out on the fun, Part # FBH200BL is where its at! A 200 on a Touring bike creates a killer look. Still ridable, yet yielding stunning good looks. Fat Baggers Wide Tire Kit For 2002-2006 FLH,  employs a black spacer & black swing arm The days of bagger riders longing for the powerful, fat look of a wide tire are now over. With the FBI 200mm kit, you can transform any FLH model into a real road hog. The complete kit features a swing arm, a new rear axle, a primary spacer, a primed fiberglass fender, a Metzeler 200 tire, custom stainless steel brackets, a transmission offset, the complete gasket kit, and the required hardware.  A 1 1/8″ upgrade belt is required for all pre-’94 FLH installs.( 280/300mm kits also available) Premium FBI wheel available separately.

   Adding a menacing look to your stock ride is relatively easy these days, especially when you start with a wide tire kit from K and G Cycles ( Don’t be afraid to have someone admire your wide rear end, and all the meat back there.