Installing a new Look with LED Bulbs in the Fairing

   Who would have thought merely changing a light bulb would yield multiple rewards? Sure, initially it was done because a custom look was desired and the resulting effect was easier to read gauges during nighttime riding. This discovery was made by K and G Cycles ( very own Kevin Plummer when trying to customize the look of his 2008 Ultra.

   Hoping to achieve led lighted gaugesa one off look for his ride, Kevin chose the Blue L.E.D. light bulbs to compliment the color of his bike, so he went to work installing the replacement lights in the gauges that allowed. For some reason, the light bulbs on the Tach and Speedo can only be serviced by the manufacturer. He also decided to install Blue L.E.D. light bulbs for a back lit effect on the new 6.5″ fairing speakers he also installed using adapter rings from K and G Cycles( Having completed the job on a rare warm night in January, he decided to take The Ultra out for a spin. Not expecting anything other than the custom look initially sought, he soon learned his efforts offered up another benefit, a much easier to read gauge. Not sure if his eyes were playing tricks on him, he asked myself and another K and G Team Member to verify his findings. It seems the colors chosen by the factory do not offer a crisp, clean light and can actually fatigue the eyes at night.

   All the supplies needed to complete this modification are available from K and G Cycles ( and can have your ride sporting a new look at an affordable price. Don’t forget your eyes will thank you too. So see it is a win, win situation – custom look with better eyesight.