Instant Protection From The Weather

Can you even begin to count the times you have ridden somewhere, parked your bike, only to come back and scorch your buns? How many times have you detailed your bike, gone to dinner, had to park under a tree and come back to dreadful results? There is a solution to these problems and it can be found at K and G Cycles, The Cycle Shade Motorcycle Cover.

goldwing cycle shade   The manufacturer of Cycle Shade saw a need to address common concerns felt by the motorcycle community. Protecting your bike from sun damage, moisture, morning dew, bird droppings and tree sap is a constant battle. Sure you could carry a full size cover with you, but that is bulky and takes up a lot of storage space. Not to mentions the time it takes to install it, especially if it doesn’t have the heat panels on it. Engineered to deliver the protection you want in the most convenient package available. Take a look at these features:

*Engineered for easy on/easy off applications. Cycle Shade can be installed or removed in a very short time.

*Can be installed immediately after riding. Because no part of Cycle Shade touches any part of the motorcycle that is hot, there is no wait time for installation.

*Stows in its own attached pouch. There is no special way to insert the Cycle Shade into the bag, you just stuff it and go!

*By selecting a high quality lightweight polyester material, a happy coincidence is its water resistant capability. This is great when having to park your bike outside. The morning  dew and moderate rains showers will not harm your bike.

*Keeping simplicity at the forefront, Cycles Shade is attached using heavy duty bungee’s that have been looped at the ends.

*When it is installed, it will help deter people wanting to sit on or climb aboard. Sort of like a security system in a bag.

*Keeps harmful UV rays from damaging seats and finishes.

*Offers a layer of protection from Tree sap, Pollen, Bird Droppings, and other animal effects.

*Available in the Standard Black or customizable with one of the numerous logos available.

*Available in different sizes and coverage amounts.

can am cycle shade   Cycle Shade is one accessory you want to arm yourself with. Providing protection for your bike while you are on the road. Lightweight, compact, and simple to use, Cycle Shade is a must have for any biker. Contact K and G Cycles today and discover the easiest way to protect your bike from the Sun, Rain, Tree Goo, Animal Droppings and more. I can personally speak of the benefits of a Cycle Shade as I have one for my personal bike. I have used it in a wide range of weather conditions and have been very pleased with the results.