Intensify your Lighting for Safety

What is the number one way to increase your visibility and overall safety while your riding your motorcycle? One surefire answer is by adding more light! Specifically more L.E.D. lighting. K and G Cycles believes there is never enough signal lighting on a motorcycle from the factory. Because of this, we have come up with a large selection of upgraded lighting for your motorcycle. We also know adding additional lighting can tax your electrical system heavily so we often try to find efficient L.E.D. products, thus allowing you endless possibilities to for modification and customization of your prized ride.

led plate holder  Take a look at Part # BBP-52-692 it is an L.E.D. License Plate Holder that is die-cast and chrome plated and incorporates 3 L.E.D. light strips. The top has 8 red L.E.D. bulbs and can be used as an auxiliary running or brake light, while the two side amber lights have 4 L.E.D.lights each and can be used as auxiliary turn signals. The addition of this multi-function license plate cover gives you increased lighting options as well as improved visibility to others on the road. Reliable L.E.D. construction ensures miles of trouble free operation, with less draw on your electrical system, and increased safety. This unit easily mounts to most stock license plate holders, and accommodates plates measuring  7″ x 4″ to 8-1/2″ x 4-3/8″. With the outer frame measuring 9-1/8″ L x 5-1/8″ H x 3/4″ D and a 1″ width border, it will surely make a statement. This model also features a clear acrylic front panel that protects the license plate from rocks, dirt or other roadway debris.

 We all want safe travels and want to enjoy them as well. That’s why K and G Cycles carries a complete line of auxiliary L.E.D. lighting meant to give you increased visibility and safety, while giving you a custom look. Get yours today before the season begins.