Isolation of the Vibration is Critical to The Ride

   We all know our V-Twin motorcycle from Wisconsin has it’s full share of vibrations and those vibrations can take their toll on us as we ride. There is a way to dampen them while adding good looks to your motorcycle. You can install ISO Pegs and Grips from Kuryakyn and feel the vibrations fade away. K and G Cycles ( is your one stop shop for any and all things Kuryakyn, including the popular “ISO” line.

   Since vibration wilISO Grips TR-497127l travel through contact points, it is important to reduce the amount you encounter at yours. When Kuryakyn developed the ISO grips, they wanted to bring to market grips that not only dampened handlebar vibration, but provided a sure, cushioned feel for long haul comfort. The ISO grip was born. A grip made of cushioning pads with channels between them allowing air flow to reduce perspiration of the hands. Another uncomfortable occurrence while riding, especially on warm summer days. Because of their unique removable end caps, this is one of the only custom grips available that may be used with stock air reservoir type handlebars. For even greater comfort a Throttle Boss can be added to ISO grips for even greater comfort while underway.

   Much like thtr-497856 iso stirrupeir Hand Grip Cousins, ISO Pegs were developed to combat the numbness we experience in our feet after some time in the saddle. Sharing much of the same design as the grips, the pegs employ the same vibration dampening rubber pads. Most of the time we do not recognize the actual impact the constant vibration has on us until it’s too late. We reach our destination, go to get off the bike and realize our feet have fallen asleep often taking us to the ground. Anytime you can isolate vibration from your body, it is a win win situation. Even more so when it is done with good looking accessories.

   Kuryakyn answered a call from motorcyclists everywhere. Bring us a way to deal with the constant punishment from motorcycle born vibrations and the numbness created by the transfer through our extremities. K and G Cycles ( employs a fair amount of motorcycle enthusiasts that are riders as well, and many of them can sing the praises of the ISO line from Kuryakyn. Head on over to the website and take a look at the whole ISO lineup.