It’s all in the detail – Adding Lighting Accents and Visors

   Every biker knows when we buy a bike, part of ownership dictates accessorizing that ride. Chrome accents can put the icing on the top and really make it pop. Just because the tail of the bike has all indicator lighting, doesn’t mean it can’t have a little bling. The crew at K and G Cycles ( wants to give you every opportunity to dress up that tail and make that bike stand out from the crowd.

bbp-rear-celestar   Here is a shot of the rear of the bike with a few of the “Celestar” accents installed on the Tail Light and Turn Signals. As you can see, there are 3 parts that complete the transformation of the tail of this motorcycle. Because they all come from the same “Celestar” collection, they will meld well and give you that custom look you desire.

1) Part # BBP-61-106 Celestar Turn Signal Visors – If you are looking to add a bit of distinction to your motorcycle, you need to consider these beautiful turn signal covers. Bathed in rich deep chrome, these visors feature peel and stick installation so your down time is minimal. Designed to compliment other Celestar accessories, the visors have the same unique cut out as the rest of the line up, so you can maintain a consistent theme through out the bike.

2) Part # BBP-61-109 is the Celestar Series Turn Signal Accent Grilles. Finish the look of your turn signals with this stylish lens applique and watch your bike turn into a highly detailed custom. Keeping the theme running, these lens covers come complete with the same cut out pattern as the complete Celestar products. Installation is kept on the short and easy side again, double sided tape is what keeps these covers in place. Upgrading the look of your motorcycle couldn’t be any easier.

3) Part # BBP-61-107 is the Tail light/Brake light Accent Grill in The Celestar Line. Complete the heavenly look of the tail of your bike with this Tail Light Visor. Attaching to your tail lamp via double sided tape, this piece is dripping with chrome. As with the other visors, this one is also designed to reflect a little more light, intensifying your tail lights and making them more visible to traffic behind you.

Customizing your bike shouldn’t break the bank. With the Celestar Collection, these easy to install accessories go on so smoothly there is no need to hire it out. Contact your K and G Cycles ( Rep today for the whole line of Celestar Accessories available today.