It’s beginning to look a lot like Springtime, Riding Season is here.

Another Spring has sprung and with it brings a new Riding Season for us to enjoy. For many of us, we have to perform the ritual of  Spring Cleaning on our bikes. Winter storage has left the bike with a new coating of storage dirt and before we ride, it must go. K and G Cycles ( feels your pain because we are bikers too, and face the same challenges as you. What do we use to get the bike clean for the new season?

LusterLace BikeWashP#05238 is a must have for any motorcycle rider.It is a great idea to have a good quality soap that can cut dirt and grime and really prep your bike for the detail that is soon to follow. We like Luster Products Luster Lace Bike Wash. ( Part # 05238 ) This specially formulated bike wash will cut dirt and grime easily making your job a breeze. With its extra rich foaming agents, you’ll never wonder if you washed that spot and you just may have fun washing your ride. You’ll love the gentle sheeting action of Luster Lace Bike Wash because it reduces the amount of water spots, leaving you a really clean bike in the end.

cyclewax41-7001-01 a great wax for your motorcycleNow after you’ve dried it, via towel, chamois, or blower, it is time to apply a good coat of wax. This is where we encounter literally 100’s of option. Paste or Liquid, Synthetic or Carnauba, we like a liquid because it works easier. The simple truth is that if you regularly wax your motorcycle’s painted finish, it will enhance the inherent beauty of the paint, protect it from the environment and keep your ride looking its best. Waxing is not only important, it is necessary to maintain the value and appearance of your bike. For this step, we like e-Xtreem Cycle Wax, a liquid wax that goes on easy , and wipes off just as nice. e-Xtreem Cycle Wax provides top notch finish protection and keeps your ride looking its best, requiring minimal applications to maintain its luster.

Bike Brite Moto-Black restores dull powdercoated finishes on your ride.Finally the last step in the cleaning process if you have factory black powder coated wheels, an inner primary, black motor or more, your cleaning supplies should not be without – Bike Brite’s Moto-Black. This great product will clean, shine and protect black wrinkled and powder coated engine parts. Great for black engine fins, inner primaries, break calipers, wheel rims and frames. Moto Black brings back that factory look to your black powder coated parts and accessories, renewing the look of your bike. One application of Moto-Black will last you approximately 12 months.

The pre season ritual of prepping the finish of your bike doesn’t have to be a difficult task, and if you use the right products, it can be relatively easy. These products and more are available at K and G Cycles ( and can make your ride stand taller than Shaq.