It’s bound to rain sometime, so keep it all dry!

There are many more fun things I can think of than riding in the rain or climbing onto a wet seat. There are precautions and products available that can leave you and your bike as dry as it would be on a sunny July day. Here at K and G Cycles ( we are avid motorcyclists and are constantly searching for ways to make the less than desirable riding conditions more tolerable.

Frogg Togg Road Toad TR-505956 To begin with, lets look at some products designed to keep you dry. Frogg Togg’s Road Toad Rain Suit is just the ticket. Built for the demands of the highway and all the miles you ride. The rain suits are lightweight, waterproof and breathable assuring you a comfortable ride. With a strong concern for your safety, Frogg Eyzz reflective technology is built in to every unit enhancing your visibility. With many, many hours of research and development resulting in the best possible product available, Frogg Togg is so confident in their Rain Gear you are “Guaranteed to stay dry at any speed.” Having worn them in fairly substantial rain for 2 1/2 hours I can vouch for this statement.

Frogg Togg Frog Legs TR-506151Next up we are going to take a look at Frogg Togg Frogg Leggs, Call them what you want, tall boots, leggins, or even sandwich bread bags, but Frogg Leggs are so much more. They are Heavy-duty leggings that fit over your shoes or boots that keep the rain, snow, or road spray at bay. A snug fit is provided via the adjustable calf and ankle straps. Sure footed confidence for your safety is achieved with the Slip-free ripple rubber out sole designed for walking/riding in rain or snow. Another great product from the leader in Rain Gear.

Ultra gard touring coverBBP-4-472AbLastly, since we have kept ourselves dry, it is time to cover up our motorcycle and make sure even the morning dew isn’t around to wet our trousers. A good quality cover can keep your bike dry as well as cleaner longer. Keeping the bike covered greatly reduces the amount of dirt that accumulates, reducing the time spent cleaning it up. In addition when you cover your bike on the road, you not only squash the effects of those summer pop up showers, you also keep your bike hidden from would be thieves. If they can’t see what is underneath, they won’t know if it’s a Gold Wing, an Ultra, or a Hippo. My personal favorite cover is the¬†ULTRAGARD Dresser Cover, packed full of so many features, you’ll wonder how it will fit on the bike.

Tailor fit designs take into account the natural stance of your motorcycle.
Water resistant polyurethane coated polyester, protects against weather, dirt and pollution.
UV stabilized to maximize fabric life and minimize color fading from sun exposure.
Scorch resistant heat shield protects the cover from hot exhaust pipes and allows use of cover immediately after riding.
Double stitched, four fold interlocking seams to provide the best durability and water tight closure.
SoftTek windshield liner to prevent scratching.
Large rust-proof grommets prevent tearing.
Sewn elastic hem and bungee cord ensures a tight custom fit.
High visibility reflective logo adds safety while parked.
Convenient and compact storage pouch is easily portable.
Five year warranty.

So you see, keeping you, your passenger, and your bike dry, while increasing safety and security is a lot easier than you think when you have friends like K and G Cycles ( Come shop our huge selection of Rain Gear for you and your bike, and be prepared to battle Mother Nature this riding season.