It’s Never a Bad Time to Start Planning that Custom Build

   With all the different rides you’ve seen this season it is easy to understand why you might want a custom ride. Aspirations of building that custom ride have flooded your mind but you aren’t sure where to begin. The crew at K and G Cycles ( has all the components you need to bring it all together. A custom ride is much closer than you ever dreamed. The first thing you need to understand when deciding to build a bike is it will NOT be finished in 1 or 2 hours like so many of the popular reality TV shows want you to believe. The best advice I can give you is take your time and be keep all your receipts, you will need them.

   After you have decid250 Ultra-wide Softail Style Frame, 38 Degree Rake, 8 Stretch, 28 BBed what style of bike you are going to build you must choose a frame. There a lot of frame manufacturers out there offering low to high dollar frames, and quality that varies as much as price. K and G offers frames from the top names such as Santee, Paughco, Ultima, and more. Chosing the right frame, whether it is a rigid frame or a softail frame  will create far less need for modifications or clean up as your project progresses.  You also want to purchase from a retailer that will be there for you during the build such as K and G Cycles ( should any issues arise.

   Next is selectifx-fender1on of the “Tins”, front and rear fenders, as well as the fuel tank. Whether you’re searching for the minimalistic look of smaller tanks and chopped fenders, or the sleek streamlined look of stretched tanks and sweeper fenders, there are a ton of options available to you. You can also purchase blanks and design your own fenders, setting your custom build off even more. Some people even opt for no front fender and an extreme chopped rear fender. Fuel tanks come in just as many flavors and can give you a retro look to a current year look depending on your taste. Make sure you take your time and decide exactly the look you want as most metal is not returnable, especially if you’ve sanded or primed for prep.  However you desire to cover your tire, or if you want a flashy fuel tank, we have the parts you need.

   Another ctan soloritical piece you need to consider is a seat. Is your build going to be a solo ride? A two-up version? Or is it a part-time both? Seats can make or break a motorcycle, especially a custom built bike, choose the wrong seat and profile, and all your work can be for not. Building a retro  look bike, how about a spring seat – for a solo rider it can offer a bit more comfort while giving you a bare bones style. Need that second seat knowing you will have a passenger most of the time? A quality 2-up seat can still look great while offering increased comfort because many of the suppliers today are using surgical gel and memory foam. allowing a custom seat on almost any bike.

   Once you get this far in your build you will have a working vision of how the bike is supposed to be. Your work is far from over as you still need wheels, handlebars, lighting, power plant, and controls, in addition to the paint you will lay on your custom build. Like I said earlier, take your time, ask a lot of questions, and remember there is no deadline. A custom bike is exactly that, a bike built with your ideas and no one else’s. K and G Cycles ( is here to here you with everything you need (except paint) for your build.