It’s time to Change your Dash and Update the Look

As time goes by, it seems no matter what year or make we ride, our dash panels need replaced. At K and G Cycles (, we are aware of this need and are pleased to offer you replacement dashes for your current bikes as well as vintage bikes, and everything in between. Over time the dash panels of our rides endure quite a bit. Scratches from our belts or jackets, constant baking in the sun, years of road grime and harsh cleaning chemicals, even the towels we clean it with can have an adverse effect on them. You want to keep the ‘ole girl looking her best so it is time to consider replacing that dash. So sit back, relax, and I will show you the options you have depending on your model.

Lets begin by looking at your options:

OEM – With apdash 48406plications going all the way back to 1947 up to and including current models, retaining that OEM look is easy. Designed to be direct replacement and maintain a factory fresh look, the OEM replacement dash is a good selection for those wanting to refresh the brilliance of the original dash. These kits allow you to transfer all your indicator lights as well as the Speedo or Speedo/Tach Combo with little effort. Everyone will think you have a new paint job or maybe even a new bike with the difference a new dash makes. These make a great choice if you are restoring a bike too.

Custom – For those looking to dresstash dash 39-0460s up that boring stock dash it may be time to install a chromed version of your current dash or go with a billet beauties. Depending on the level of customization you want for your bike, you can choose anything from “Cool” to “Holy Cow”. Chrome is a given when it comes to adding accessories to our H-D’s, but when we add billet pieces, everyone knows we mean business. With many different designs available, you have the choice of replacing the whole dash or simply installing a cover or insert. No less effective than the other custom dashes have a great impact on the appearance of your ride.

Restoration –   Mfx dash39-0562uch the same as the OEM units, some of the kits come with new wiring, updated lenses on the indicator lights, and even updated fasteners. Though not intended for a vintage restoration, these replacement dashes are a great choice for those wanting a quality replacement part with the correct looks. Let’s face it, older factory parts are getting harder and harder to find, and when you do find them there is usually a premium. Avoid the hassle and get your ride back on the road.

When it comes time to upgrade or restore your dash panel, look no further than K and G Cycles ( for the best deals. We offer options for today’s models and models as far back as 1947. You no longer have to live with a boring, unsightly dash. Contact us today and see how easy it is to change.