It’s Time to Fix That Leak

Does your Gold Wing leak fuel as bad as a Harley leaks oil? Fuel is too expensive to ignore a leak, not to mention the smell and mess it creates, AND the safety hazard it creates. K and G Cycles understands we all take pride in our rides and we are here to address that leaky Petcock on your 1988-2000 Honda GL1500 Gold Wing.

fuel petcock svc kitGone are the days of expensive fuel Petcock Assembly replacements when your bike sprung a leak. We are pleased to offer you an affordable and effective way to stop losing money. As a result of nothing more than age, the diaphragm is the most likely culprit behind your troubles. With the new Fuel Petcock Service Kit (Part # BBP-5-601) you can now replace the Sealing Diaphragm, the Actuator Diaphragm, the Compression Spring, screws and washers, and be back on the road in no time. Leak free!  Let’s face it, fuel is not cheap anymore and if you think of the money that will stay in your pocket, you’ll have paid for the kit in no time.

Nobody wants to be the stinky, unsafe mess among your riding buddies, fix that leak now. Give the Team at K and G Cycles a shout and let them help you see just how easy it can be to put an end to your fuel donation habit. A Fuel Petcock service Kit is sure to stop that leak, once and for all.