It’s Time to put a Tune on that Twin

When it comes to tuning an EFI motor from Milwaukee, there are many options that can unlock a ton of power, but there is a way to get even more. That’s right, K and G Cycles ( has a great product that takes tuning a step further and finds the blood in the turnip. The Twin Scan II Plus Kit by Daytona Twin Tec is the ideal tuning aid for Screamin Eagle RaceTuner (SERT), Dynojet Power Commander (PC), and Daytona Twin Tec Tuner.

 The software in the Twin Scan II antwin scan II CC-672496alyzes logged data and displays front and rear Cylinder air/fuel ratio (AFR) and the required volumetric efficiency (VE) correction with the same RPM rows and throttle position sensor (TPS) columns used in the SERT, PC, and Twin Tuner tables. Sold as a complete kit including the WEGO IIID dual channel wide-band Exhaust gas oxygen sensor Interface, useful for logging AFR data along with critical engine data. When the WEGO IIID is connected, the Twin Scan II will log engine data along with the actual air/fuel ratio (AFR). The logged AFR data can then be analyzed and displayed for Twin Cam or V-Rod applications with the Delphi EFI system. You will also be able to display and print the required volumetric efficiency (VE) correction based on the AFR command. You can add data from an unlimited number of files that you previously saved. This data will then be analyzed and incorporated into the table. Cells that have a variance of more than 0.5% AFR from the target value are shaded blue for rich or red for lean. This allows you to easily make the required corrections in the SERT Tuning Mode or PC program by referring to the printed VE percent correction table and marking off cells as you edit them.

 WOW that seems like it’s way too technical for me! In actuality it is as easy as looking for the colors, and making adjustments from there. Some of the friendly features contained in this kit are:

 · Compatible with 2001-2013 H-D® fuel injected models using Delphi® system (including V-Rod®) with J1850 data bus and 2003-2006 carbureted models with new 12 pin ignition module. Note: Not compatible with 2011 and later Softail®  and 2012 and later Dyna® models with CAN data bus

· Anti-skid brake system (ABS) brake bleeding functions for 2008-2013 touring models.

· Support for new 2006-2013 closed loop fuel injection systems

· Displays throttle position and twist grip sensor data on new 2008-2013 touring models with electronic throttle control

· Uses laptop PC for display. Includes Windows software

· Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes from engine control module (ECM), turn signal/security module (TSM/TSSM), speedometer, tach, and anti-skid braking system (ABS).

· Real time display of engine data on instrument panel type display

· Built-in data logging. Stores up to 45 minutes of data. Automatically triggers when a trouble code is set. Shows data before and after code is set

· Includes two analog inputs for air/fuel ratio (AFR). All Twin Scan II ABS units can be upgraded to a Twin Scan II ABS Plus for use as tuning aid.

· Compact size: 3.1″L x 1.6″W x 0.8″Hs

 When you want more from your Tuned EFI set up, look to the Pros at K and G Cycles ( They can hook you up with the tools that will get the job done. Daytona Twin Tec Fuel Injection Management Systems, the cherry on top of the Tuning Dessert.