It’s Time to Start Gearing up for the Cold

   For many, Winter means putting the motorcycles in storage until Spring comes around. For those deciding to keep that trusty steed ready to ride when all that is needed is a clean road and a tank of fuel, K and G Cycles ( wants you to know there are some things to consider before trekking out into Mother Natures Icebox. Proper Cold Weather/Winter Riding Gear is a must, especially if you plan on staying on the road for any length of time when its cold. This topic can be attacked from many different directions, we’ll go rider, then bike, so sit back and hang on cuz here we go!

Aqua tour HH-6011-1605-04  Most Winter temps will have us leaving the leathers behind in favor of jackets with quilted liners that can be removed if the sun shines too bright. A great jacket to add to your Cold Weather Riding Gear is the Fieldsheer Aqua Tour 2.0. Aside from offering full sleeve zip-out quilted liners for warmth, this jacket has many other great features:

•600D Carbolex® outer shell

•1680D ballistic overlay on elbows

•YKK front zipper closure

•CE approved armor in shoulder and elbows with SP Memory Foam® back pad

•Phosolite® reflective piping for increased nighttime visibility

•Rainguard® 100% waterproof, breathable barrier

•Adjustable Velcro® waist tabs

•Ram Air® shoulder, sleeve and back vents for maximum air flow

•Zip-out full sleeve quilted liner with 100g poly-fil insulation

•Adjustable upper and lower sleeve take ups help secure armor in place

•Two hand warmer pockets, two Chest Measurement pockets, zippered map pocket and two cargo lining pockets plus phone and cargo pockets on removable liner

•Microfiber padded collar

•8 zipper pants connection plus universal belt snap

   So you see, you can have a winter riding jacket that gives you all the options of your warm weather gear, while fighting off the cold and winning.

Polar Tex 2.0 HH-8424-0205-74    The right pair of gloves can be the difference between continued enjoyment of the clean crisp air or the misery of being chilled to the bone. Gloves come in all sorts of fabrics and designs all with the goal of keeping you warm and able to operate your controls. You can choose glove liners and use your current gloves or choose gloves specifically for cold weather riding like the Polar Tex 2.0. Fortified with features intent on keeping you warm and protected.

600 denier polyester and goatskin leather construction featuring:

• 100g 3M Thinsulate™ Flex insulation
• Goatskin leather palm and thumb with a padded palm patch
• Soft, polyester fleece inner lining
• Waterproof and breathable barrier
• Leather throttle guard between the thumb and index finger
• Floating knuckle design and articulated fingers• Adjustable wrist closure with an elasticized wrist band• Self-activating toggle gauntlet closure• Pre-curved palm and fingers

   There isn’t much sense to getting the right jacket and gloves unless you plan on buying pants too. Fieldsheer makes a great over pant that will keep the cold at bay while providing you protection – The Mercury 2.0 Pant

•600D Carbolex® ofieldsheer mercury pantuter shell with 1680D ballistic overlay in high impact areas

•CE approved armor in knees

•SP Memory Foam® hip pads

•Front thigh vents

•3-step adjustable knee armor pocket

•Phosolite® reflective piping for increased nighttime visibility

•Rainguard® 100% waterproof, breathable barrier

•Adjustable Velcro® waist tabs

•Elasticized stretch panel at waistband

•2-way full side leg zip for easy wearing

•Zip-out quilted liner with 100g poly-fill insulation

•Two front hand pockets and two pack pockets

•Zipper jacket connection

   As you are aware, all of the above components of cold weather/winter riding gear are available in heated versions from various manufacturers, some require plugs and thermostats,while others are high tech and carry their own rechargeable batteries so there is nothing to install on the bike. Beyond proper cold weather gear there are a few more Winter Defense devices you can employ to ensure your comfort when battling cold temps.

heated chrome grips    Heated Grips will keep your hands even warmer and can actually be used all year. When temps drop unexpectedly, your path takes you through the cooler valleys, or someone forgot to turn on the heater outside, heated grips are a Gift from The Gods. Available in many styles from simplistic black rubber to over the top show chrome designs. Adjustable thermostats control the heat intensity desired according to the weather. Designed to be used in conjunction with gloves, heated grips can be used without them, just make sure you adjust the temperature accordingly so you do not burn yourself. Aside from the traditional electric grip assembly, there are products that let you retain your custom grips by inserting a heating element into the handlebars thus heating the grips by heating the bars. Heat Demons are available for the vast range of throttle set ups from traditional push/pull to modern fly by wire designs.

   Another piecfx winshield 51-0294e in the challenge to keep oneself warmer while motorcycling through the winter months is the windshield. We tend to choose the minimal, “cool” looking, less than functional windshield during the summer months, but for Winter travel our needs change. The easy answer is to install a taller windshield, however if you still want to look “Cool” while being out in the cold, you may want an over-sized windshield that gives you increased coverage. Diverting as much wind away from you will let you experience the most warmth and comfort available.

   One last steppac a derms in your war on “The Cold” if you don’t have lower fairings, but have an engine guard, you can install an accessory that will provide maximum protection against cold wind and water spray creating an essential barrier from the elements ensuring a warm, comfortable ride. Built using heavy duty weather resistant marine grade vinyl and corrosion resistant mounting hardware, they will withstand the elements for many years. Pac-A-Derms even have cut-outs allowing the retention of highway pegs. The easy on, easy off design make these a great addition to any bike because they are compact enough to store in a saddlebag when not in use.

   Winter riding is fully feasible when you have the proper equipment and road conditions are right. Call K and G Cycles ( to get everything you need for your winter travels today. You’ll be happy you did.