It’s time to upgrade to L.E.D. for a safer Riding Experience

   We all know there is an element of risk when we ride. Often times the common response when there is a close call or worse is “I didn’t see them.” With that being said, it is time to consider an L.E.D. upgrade for your Gold Wing. Let’s focus on the rear and sides of your bike and talk about replacing the trunk molding lighting as well as the saddlebag lighting. K and G cycles ( has just what you need to improve your ability to be seen. Fast acting, super bright L.E.D’s deliver a bigger visual footprint and increase your safety.

BBP-52-702P-saddlebag-light     Part # BBP-52-702A is the L.E.D. Saddlebag Light set for Honda Gold Wings 2001-2010. A total of 56 Red L.E.D. lights encased in red lens fixtures bring a whole new look to your Honda. Built as dual function running lights and brake lights, these new fixtures increase the amount of light output to a whole new level. Constructed to make the transformation as easy as possible, the new light fixtures install seamlessly into the factory recesses and plug directly into the factory harness. When you upgrade your Saddlebag Lights, everyone will know when you are applying the brakes.

BBP-52-701A-Trunk-lights   In addition to new saddlebag lights, you also have the opportunity to upgrade your Trunk Lights too. Part # BBP-52-701A is the L.E.D. Trunk Light Kit. Built as a mate to the L.E.D. Saddlebag Light upgrades, the Trunk lights include the same high quality lights behind the red lenses. Working as running lights as well as brake lights, these dual function fixtures give a super bright indication of your braking and turning intention. The same simple installation process was applied to these fixtures as well to give them an OEM fit and finish along with the great plug and play hook up.

   If you are looking for a good looking way to increase your safety while riding down the road, it is time to look at upgraded L.E.D. lighting. Brake lights and Turn Signals are what keep us safe so why not make them as bright and eye catching as possible. Sure you can stick additional lighting anywhere, but you want to make it look like it belongs. These replacement fixtures install perfectly in the factory positions for a smooth look that yields custom lighting. Contact the crew at K and G Cycles ( and turn down the road to safer travels.