K and G – BIG Sturgis Rally Update!

For all those bikers still at home this weekend, K and G Cycles wants to bring the Sturgis Rally action to you! We’ve got Team K and G set up and ready to rock at the Legendary Buffalo Chip. We want to let you know how things are going and give you a chance to enjoy some of the Sturgis sights and sounds for yourself!

Our hardworking owners, George and Kyle Marakas did the heavy driving in the big bus and K and G Cycles trailer early this week. They shot videos and pics of the scenery on their trek up to South Dakota. Once parked near the Amphitheatre at The Chip, they were in need of some more help to make the K and G Machine run smoothly!

Kevin Plummer, our Operations Manager and Mr. Do It All, arrived by plane Wednesday afternoon. After touching down and finding out that his bags were mis-routed during a connecting flight, he was sure the rocky start would soon be leading to FUN!

Kevin took his rental cage down to Buffalo Chip and met up with Kyle and George. He said, “I was following them back to the RV, and they take me on a sight-seeing tour of the huge grounds of the Buffalo Chip.  I had seen it several times on TV, but it doesn’t compare to experiencing it live.  With all of the roads marked with street signs, I felt it was going to take me some time to find my way around the Chip.  Later, the first test of my navigational skills came when I was asked to go to our trailer to retrieve something. With the many road choices available, I luckily did find my path through the expansive 500 acres that make up the Buffalo Chip complex to the trailer and back!”

The size of the Chip wasn’t the only thing that was striking about Wednesday afternoon on the grounds of the Chip. A thunderous South Dakota rain storm blasted through and soaked the setup processes still in the works. Kevin said, “Within minutes it is like the sky has opened up and is dumping buckets and buckets of rain.  George and I are trapped with the golf cart under an awning, as the sideways rain sheets are spraying us. We have to get under the end of a 50 foot awning, to keep from getting wet.  But George and I made the best of it, by talking, catching up, and even having few cut-up moments of fun.  After what seems like 4 hours, that was in reality only one, the rain stops as quickly as it came, and it is then you see all of the people come out to continue the build-up and setup of the large production of the Buffalo Chip.”

Kevin doesn’t like to brag, but he has spacious and dry accommodations in the upstairs loft of the K and G Cycles Trailer… Much better than a rain-soaked tent that is!!

Thursday morning was time for K and G Cycles PR with Kyle and Kevin serving to spread the word about what K and G has to offer. It seems they had a great response from the bikers at the campgrounds of the Chip. Kevin said, “Several riders were telling us stories of how they are glad to hear about K and G Cycles. Apparently,  they’re not happy with their current on-line retailer, and would like to give us a try. We’d like to help them out too! Then we hand out 100 or so free T-shirts to people. Everyone was sharing great riding and Sturgis stories, as they allowed us to tell them about what it is we do here at K and G Cycles. Overall, it was a wonderful response!”

Then as the setup at The Chip continued, Kevin says, “We were able to watch two of the staff people raise one of the new K and G Cycles banners in the amphitheater, it was neat to see a banner that I had designed on a screen come to life, and do what it was intended to do, and that is to tell everyone about K and G Cycles!”

Eventually, when it was time for a break from all this hard work, the subject of a frosty cold refreshment came up! So in the afternoon, a trip to downtown Sturgis was in order. Kevin related that, “Down in Sturgis, we were walking around see some of the sights. George and Kyle then wanted to take me ‘to a bar like I have never seen before’.  They were right!


The name of the bar was the “Dungeon Bar, Downstairs” and it doesn’t take long to see how the place got its name.  Very friendly staff, and was wild to see what could have been 10,000 one dollar bills plastered all over the walls, and the ceiling, to include womens panties, and bras that all had been dated and signed. This looks to begin a Very FUN Sturgis week for us all!  After walking around down town, and seeing some of the sights, we headed back to the camp grounds of The Chip to relax and enjoy the day.”

Hopefully you’re reading this on Friday, as tonight is the BIG NIGHT of presenting our winner of the Great Sturgis Vacation Giveaway, with his killer prize package! Tom Messer (our Grand Prize winner) Kyle and George will be taking the stage (hopefully in a Nicer Black Tee Shirt!) in front of the entire crowd of the Buffalo Chip. Just before George’s ol’ pal, Edgar Winter, fires up his show, they will be passing over the keys to Tom’s Victory bike loaner and all his awesome gear. Don’t forget the One Large in cash as well! Tom is one of the luckiest S-O-B’s up there, to be rockin’ Sturgis on the K and G dime! Congratulations Tom – and make all us bikers still at home proud!!!

See you again soon, here on our blog, for more K and G Adventures in Sturgis, straight from the Buffalo Chip Campground!