K and G Cycles – Big Sturgis Update – Rockin’ The Chip!

Our K and G Cycles Team is still rockin’ the Chip! Check out this latest installment of the Great Sturgis Adventures, as narrated by our man with the plan, Kevin Plummer!

Kevin’s “normal” gig, at the helm of the starship K and G, involves all his skills. Everything from the backend of our massive data and online store engines, to vendor relations , to graphics and even customer service as well… So when it came time to make K and G Cycles a force at The Legendary Buffalo Chip, he stepped right up for duty! As said by Kevin, “Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I am actually working, and not just on vacation!”

Here he expands on his Sturgis experience so far. I first would like to point out that this is my first time visiting the Buffalo Chip. While I had seen it on TV, I have finally come to the conclusion, that although kids go to Ft. Lauderdale, or Mexico for Spring Break, the Sturgis Rally is like a Mega Summer Break for adults!  This place offers you everything you need, right here on the grounds of The Chip.

Let’s start with the basics: The amenities are not only fully plumbed, but also have attendants servicing them! The laundry, shower and restrooms are fit for your Queens!   Okay, moving on to entertainment: Once you are presented with your Buffalo Chip wrist band then let the party begin! The music is in the air here at The Chip, with concerts going on in many different areas. Everything from rock legends, to country, to comedy is on-stage at some point in the day here. In between bands, the  Midget Bowling, Zip Lining, and delicious food vendors, and many bar stops keep you smiling, full and happy!

The kickoff to the Buffalo Chip concert series was Edgar Winter. It seems as though these true legends of rock like Edgar, have names that the younger crowd doesn’t immediately recognize. However, as soon as the amps fire up and the guitars wail, he had 20,000 people kick’n it and hard rockin’ to the show.

With George being an ol’ pal and former sound man for Edgar Winter, we met up with him before the show for pictures and a VIP meet and greet. Then back out in the crowd we were electrified by the sounds, just like everyone else!  At the end of the show everyone was reving the engines to get Edgar to come out for one last song, and sure enough, his encore ROCKED!

Even though the concert ended at midnight, our fun didn’t stop!  Our winners of the Great Sturgis Vacation Tom Messer, Steve Hill and myself just headed over to one of the other bars that offered a little more, ummm… adult entertainment, yes you guessed it, pole dancing, I mean, what man wants to turn down drinking, and two lovely ladies dancing on a pole to a live band playing good ole’ classic rock!  Well the three of us hung out watched the show and had some beers, cigars and enjoyed the show.

The following morning was a little foggy, and took me some time to get around, but once the brain was clear we got ready and headed to Mount Rushmore for a day of fun and sight seeing.”

Check back soon for more episodes of the K and G Cycles’ Sturgis Adventures!! George and Kyle, plus Kevin and our GSVG winners Tom and Steve, have lots more fun to bring ya! Team K and G Cycles and Sturgis… kinduvabigdeal!!