K and G Cycles Great Sturgis Vacation Giveaway Grand Prize Winner

Congratulation Again Tom on being our Grand Prize Winner of the K and G Cycles Great Sturgis Vacation Giveaway! Kyle and George are so excited to get to hang with you at Sturgis!

Thanks for taking time to tell us a little about yourself and your upcoming trip to Sturgis!

So Tom, how did you find out about winning our contest?

I first found out about being a winner when Kevin called me, I was at work and in a meeting and was only half listening. After I hung up I thought, did he just say what i thought he said. I called him back immediately and asked for all the details “again”


What was your first thought?

This is Awesome!

About You:

Where is your hometown?

Rapid City, S.D.

Where do you live now?

Gainesville, Florida

What do you do for a living?

I am the Plant Manager of Suwannee American Cement.

How about family?

I have two sons one in Gainesville, Fl and one in Rapid City SD, and 4 beautiful grand childern that are my pride and joy. All of my family lives in the Black Hills.

About Riding:

What was your first bike?

At 10 years old my grandparents bought me and my brother Honda 50 Mini trails. That was 42 years ago.

What are you riding now?

I do my long rides on a 2010 CVO StreetGlide, but every chance I get I ride my 1947 FL Knucklehead.

It looks like you like do your own work, tell us about your Knuckle?

The Knucklehead has tremendous sentimental value. It was given to me by my late Uncle Larry Mac. It was in need of a lot of work but it was his baby. I am still humbled that out of all his options he chose to give it to me. I spent about 10 months, countless hours and a “couple” dollars rebuilding it with the help of Nelson Citta at his shop. I wanted it to keep the late 70’s club bike look it had but add a touch of modern. It was truly a labor of love. I did things some people would scoff at like adding Brembo discs, but I ride the hell out of it and it was all about ride-ability when I built it. Mac was still alive when I started the rebuild and I would share pictures with him as the build progressed and it would lift his spirits to see it, but unfortunately mesothelioma took him before he could have that last ride on the Knuckle.

How about buying parts, why do you choose to K and G Cycles?

K and G Cycles came highly recommend by a good friend and Harley Builder Nelson Citta, Nelson has built dozens of Pans, Knuckles and Flatheads. Kevin, Tom and the rest of the staff at K and G were awesome when it came to helping me source everything from NOS motor parts to the few aftermarket parts that I added to my Knucklehead. They went the extra mile when it came to making sure I had the right part and got it on time. They are now my go to Parts Supplier.

About Sturgis:

How are you planning to travel to Sturgis and why?

I had been planning on flying up for a surprise visit to see my family and sneek in a couple Rally days. I am going to have to flip that around and do a couple family days and an entire Rally Week, winning this package makes that a little more guilt free. Who can fault me for that??

You’re going to be a VIP at the Chip, what are you most excited to see there?

“K and G Girls?” There are some great acts there so it’s hard to say, there is no “one” person, I think I could hang out with all of them. But I love to ride and I love art so I am pretty jacked for the Legends Ride and the Michael Lichter exhibition.

You’ll be on stage with Kyle and George before the Edgar Winter Concert, presented with the keys a new Victory loaner.
George is no stranger to the stage; he was the soundman for Edgar Winter, for 2 years, during the “They Only Come Out at Night Tour”!
Do you enjoy the spotlight?

Not until the second bottle of Scotch has been opened.

Any riding spots around the Sturgis area that you will be sure to hit up?

Sturgis through Vanocker Canyon through Nemo is a must do. The lakes ride is cool also (Sheridan and Pactola). I grew up with one foot in Sheridan Lake so I know the hills well.

Will you keep us up to date on your trip, we’d love to hear about all the cool things you’ll be a part of! (Answer is: You Better!)

I will and, I will post all my pictures on Facebook… the ones I can.

Thanks again Tom, for letting us ride along with you on your Great Sturgis Vacation!!!