K and G Cycles – Sturgis Update – Sights, Scares and Sounds

Hey Gang! Welcome back to more K and G Cycles True Sturgis Adventures! Our story continues with a typical day at the Rally; including some sightseeing, a motorcycle breakdown and a wicked concert to top it all off. Just can’t beat a good day at STURGIS!

Kevin Plummer again relates the ins and outs of day for Team K and G. We hope you’re enjoying this ride-along with us. We happen to think that the readers of this blog are… kinduvabigdeal!!!

Kevin says, “Once again the morning fog was heavy inside the ‘ol noggin, and took some time to burn off! Once the brain was cleared, we got our gear in order and headed out on the road. Mount Rushmore was today’s destination just for the fun and sight-seeing.  The weather was beautiful!

Once we arrived; those big stone presidents sure did command our attention! After taking in the grand scale of the monument, we checked out the museum and learned how this wonder of the world was built. Along with the sights, it was just fun to hang out with Kyle and George without business discussions for a little while. 

After bidding farewell to Mount Rushmore, we headed back to the Buffalo Chip.  With only 10 miles to get back to K and G Cycles HQ, while George and Kyle were riding their 2007 CVO Ultra, the bike decided it wanted a break! Actually a couple breaks, as parts started shearing off the rear sprocket! Luckily, this issue was noticed in time to get safely stopped. We all were just glad that everyone was okay, as it could have turned out alot worse.

Then the night’s big concert was Alice Cooper! As this was my first time seeing Alice in concert, I was WOWED!  You talk about a dramatic and theatrical show, it was a full throttle rock pumping show!  And Alice goes over the top with everything. Not content to just blow your ear drums; his show is full of props and fireworks. Things like having his head removed, a  giant Frankenstein, and featuring his pet boa constrictor are all part of the Alice spectacle!


After the show was over, we headed back to get some sleep from the long day.  Then, our Great Sturgis Vacation Winner, Tom Messer, had a malfunction with his Knucklehead. Of course, the gate was locked to easily get the bike up to the K and G Cycles display trailer. The only choice left was raw man-power! So, the four of us heaved and pushed his knucklehead up the hill.  I must say, after a long day of travel, tunes and drinking;  you find out how out of shape you are when trying to push a bike uphill!

Well that is it for today, heading out to see some of the campers and bikers to hand out some of our mechanic rags with our lovely K and G Cycles girls, it is a rough job, but someone has to do it.”

Ahhh Kevin! Sounds like Team K and G Cycles is really making sure Sturgis is Done Right this year! Keep the updates comin!!

True Sturgis Adventures from K and G Cycles… kinduvabigdeal!!!