Keep your Hot Heads under control with an Oil Cooler

   If we have another scorcher of a Summer like we did last year, my bike is gonna have a melt down! Unless you ride a 2014 from Milwaukee or a V-Rod, the only choice in battling those temps is an Oil Cooler. At K and G Cycles ( we understand just what heat can do to a bike and the rider, and that is why we carry a large selection of Oil Coolers for your H-D V-Twin.

   Oil cooling refers to a prsifton 40-1525ocess in which oil is used as a coolant. The oil is heated by the object it cools and then usually passes through a cooling unit such as an oil cooler, typically a type of radiator, or less commonly a gas decompressor. The cooled oil flows back into the hot object to cool it continuously. Oil cooling is most commonly used to cool high-performance motorcycle engines that are not water-cooled. The cylinder barrel is air-cooled, as is commonly used for motorcycles, but the cylinder head may require additional cooling. As there is already an oil circulation system available for lubrication, this oil is also piped to the cylinder head and used as a liquid coolant. Compared to an oil system used solely for lubrication, oil cooling requires additional oil capacity, also an oil-air oil cooler, or a larger oil cooler if one is already present. This is where aftermarket oil coolers come into play. Some of the better know names are Sifton, Feuling, and Jagg. Aftermarket oil coolers are commonplace on air cooled bikes in high temp regions of the U.S. and are beginning to become a more common addition to other areas.

When it comes to preserving your motorcycle and protecting it from thermal breakdown and damage, as well as decreasing heat transfer to the rider, an add-on oil cooler is a great choice. Contact the pros at K and G Cycles ( to discuss your options today. Not only do we sell the, we use them on our own bikes as well. Ya know Florida can get pretty warm in the Summertime.