Keep it Cool all Summer long with an add on Oil Cooler

 The engine of a motorcycle is an internal combustion engine. It has internal moving parts that create friction. Oil is used to lubricate the friction created by metal moving against metal, such as two gears turning together. The friction created generates heat, which can cause extreme temperatures and mechanical and/or thermal breakdown. Oil is used to move the heat out of the motor by way of an oil pump.
K and G Cycles ( understands temperature control is a huge issue for motorcycles, and imperative for long engine life. Today, I want to introduce to you a stylish and functional Oil Cooler that will look good on any bike. Part numbers vary depending on your bike. So make sure you look at the vehicle applications to find the right one for you.

Part # FE2000 fits Fueling Oil Coolier Filter FE200X-10     1999 and Later Softtail Models (Chrome w/Stainless Lines)
Part # FE2001 fits 2006 and Later Dyna Models (Chrome w/Stainless Lines)
Part # FE2002 fits 1999 and Later FLH/FLT Models (Chrome w/Stainless Lines)
Part # FE2005 fits 1999 and Later Softtail Models (Black Chrome w/Black Lines)
Part # FE2006 fits 2006 and Later Dyna Models (Black Chrome w/Black Lines)
Part # FE2007 fits 1999 and Later FLH/FLT Models (Black Chrome w/Black Lines)

 This cooler is Designed as an additional filter to be used in conjunction with the stock oil filter. This microfilter system drastically reduces contamination and viscosity breakdown. It also protects from cylinder, piston, ring and bearing wear, cylinder bore polishing and high oil temps. Thus promoting engine performance, longer engine life and extended oil change intervals. This Oil Cooler kit Includes the housing, the mounting bracket, the filter mount, braided steel lines, swivel fittings, the K & N filter, and all the necessary hardware.

  So don’t let your bike sustain engine damage from from those blistering summer temps. Pick up a good looking oil cooler from K and G Cycles ( and give your bike extended life by preventing engine oil breakdown. Check out all of our Fueling parts.