Keep that Gold Wing Scratch free with Carbon Fiber look Scuff Pads

The Honda Gold Wing represents the ultimate in touring motorcycles and you finally own one. After your first weekend trip, you notice some scratches on the high traffic body panels. What can you do to prevent this in the future and cover up the existing ones? You have come to the right place, K and G Cycles ( has the answer to your troubles with Carbon Fiber look Scuff Pads designed to protect your bike in all those critical areas.

tank-scuff-pads-bbp-52-7201Part # BBP-52-720 brings you a stylish soft carbon fiber look that incorporates scuff pads that can be added to the fuel tank of the Honda GL1800, GL1500, Sport bikes etc. Installation is as simple as cleaning the motorcycle surface to remove any oils and waxes that have built up, pull the tape backer, and apply. Repeat previous instructions for the other side, and you now are protected against those unsightly scuffs, but you have also added the cutting edge, custom good looks of Carbon Fiber to your bike. The fuel tank scuff pads measure an impressive 12-3/4″L x 4-3/4″H. It is always a good idea to use masking tape guide lines when applying  pieces to both side of your motorcycle for best match placement.

carbon fiber engine pads BBP-52-740-01Since there is more than one area that usually falls victim to the bruises and scuffs, you have more options to protect your ride and keep that Carbon Fiber look going. Part # BBP-52-740 is a set of Engine Cover Scuff Pads. These soft, simulated Carbon Fiber add a unique element to the Honda GL1800 while adding protection to an area that sees it’s full share of damaging boot encounters, riding gear scrapes, and even some road debris. The pads measure 8-1/2″L x 3-1/4″W and attach with double sided tape so the same preparation guidelines must be followed for optimal adhesion. Upping your street cred and adding protection has never been easier with these Engine Cover Scuff Pads.

Saddle bag scuff guards BBP-52-742We all know saddlebags on any bike take a beating so it is without hesitation I show you these Saddlebag Scuff Pads finished in the theme of the bikes accessories – Carbon Fiber look. Designed in 2 pieces so you can still operate the saddlebags, these pads offer a ton of protection where it is needed most. These scuff pads are a beautiful addition to any Wing and by installing them on your bike, you have an accessory that has form and function. Of course you must follow the installation instructions highlighted in the prior text if you want these scuff pads to stick around and keep working. The inner piece measures 10″L x 2-1/2″W and the outer piece measures 9-1/2″L x 1-1/4″ this set of 4 pieces. When ordering, use Part # BBP-52-742.

BBP-52-746-01 gold wing scuff pads keep your ride free of scars.Rounding out your Carbon Fiber Scuff Pad protection upgrade is these helmet storage area pads. Designed to keep the hanging helmets the bike and leaving a mark, these pads give your bike a finished look , especially after you have installed the other accompanying pieces. Mounting Part # BBP-52-746 is done with that ever so popular double sided tape, there is no drilling or guess work involved, just good old-fashioned cleaning and you are set.

So for less than $150 you can add a killer look to your bike that pulls double duty by preventing scuffs in some busy areas. All you have to do is contact K and G Cycles ( and you can be on your way to a better looking bike, that won’t get bitten.