Keepin it Cool

This riding season has been plagued with record setting temperatures that not only take their toll on us, but wreak havoc on our motorcycles. One way to help your motorcycle survive these trying times is the addition of an oil cooler. Even if you are water cooled, your oil temps can soar in this heat causing viscosity breakdown and potential damage to your motor. At K and G Cycles ( we offer a large selection of oil coolers that cover most makes and models. Many of the oil coolers are thermostatically controlled and will cool your oil to safe operating temperatures, while others are a constant flow style working all the time to cool the oil. Usually available in black or chrome finishes, a few companies are also offering more visually appealing pieces that blend in or look like a piece of show chrome. We take many precautions to make sure our blood doesn’t boil, why not do the same for your bike. Head on over to K and G Cycles ( and do something nice for your bike, pick up an oil cooler.