Keeping it Cool with Cooler Luggage

   As we plan our vacations, extended rides and weekend getaways, one aspect we seem to finding more and more attractive is bringing along our own food and drinks. To do this effectively, we need some type of cooler to contain our perishables. The aftermarket world has caught onto this and has come up with some pretty interesting approaches. We’ve sifted through them and have made available at K and G Cycles ( the few that have risen to the top.

   First up iunik-9324-PLs this cavernous sissy bar bag measuring 15″ x 13″ x 6.5″, capable of carrying a days worth of goodies. A stylish leather looking bag made of PVC giving it durability for years of service. Available in a plain (UNIK-9324.PL) or studded version (UNIK-9324.00) to match your bikes theme, decor, personality or whatever you call it. Though this bag was intended to be used on sissy bars, it can be attached to a tour pack luggage rack also. Due to its size, if you are flying solo you can also stash it between you and the passenger backrest so you don’t eat up valuable luggage rack space.

   Next for youBM-Cooler-004r consideration is the Tour Pak Cooler (Part # BM-COOLER) from Bone Mountain Motorcycle Gear. Designed to provide you cooling for up to 24 cans and still give you room in your Tour Pack. Built in to the lid is the easy-access pocket that allows for quick retrieval of chilled items. In addition to the zippered main compartment, there is also a zippered front compartment. To keep the pressures of 24 cans plus ice from taking its toll, Backsaver technology is employed to combat the associated strain of a loaded cooler. To keep your gear in the Tour Pack safe, an Ultra Safe leak-proof PEVA lining is utilized. Best of all when you aren’t using it, the cooler collapses for easy storage.

   These are 2 great options for bringing along items that need to be kept cool and they won’t compromise your storage capabilities. Stylish, effective, handy, and best of all priced right. Contact K and G Cycles (www, today and be prepared for your next excursion with your special PB&J or Club Sandwich and favorite beverage.