Keeping it Cooler with the Pros – Feuling

While the displacement of motorcycle engines continues to grow, so too does the heat they produce. You ask yourself, “Is there anything I can do to reduce the engine temp and the heat coming off it?” Your friends at K and G Cycles ( have come up with a solution, the Feuling Oil Filter Cooler kit. The ability to lower the engine temperature through an add on oil cooler is something that has been debated since the dawn of motorcycling. The crew at Fueling, known the world over for their advanced oil pump technology, have expanded coverage and now offers oil coolers too. Take a look at this bolt on cooler/filter combo.

   Cleaner, cooler oil is what yFueling-Oil-Coolier-Filter-  ou get with the Feuling oil cooler/filtration system. This oil cooler is designed with an internal spun glass element cartridge filter which is used as an additional oil filter in conjunction with the factory spin on oil filter. The Feuling Oil Cooler System drastically reduces contamination and viscosity breakdown in the oil. This protects the engine from cylinder, piston, ring and bearing wear. It also prevents extreme oil temperatures, promoting engine performance, longer engine life & extended oil change intervals. This oil cooler system gives you a clean custom look, mounting between the frame rails in position to take advantage of the air flow from the front tire. Available in chrome or gloss black, the housing measures 5 long and 3-3/4 in diameter. To make installation as easy as possible, all kits include the filter cooler housing, a replaceable spun glass cartridge filter, a gloss black mounting bracket, an off-set oil filter adapter, all necessary braided steel lines with swivel fittings, a K&N spin-on oil filter, ARP 12 bolt fasteners and all necessary hardware.  For your convenience Cooler/Filtration Kits are available in a brilliant chrome finish with stainless lines, or a lustrous black finish with black lines. So whatever your taste, there is one to match.

Keeping the bike cooler means better performance, and greater comfort for the rider and passenger. With the addition of a Feuling Oil Cooler, you can be guaranteed a more efficient, cleaner running engine is right around the corner. Take a look at the great deals we have in store for you ay K and G Cycles (www, and pick up your cooler today,