Keeping Tire Pressure in Check just Got Easier

With all the advanced technology standard on vehicles today, you would think a Tire Pressure Monitor System would be standard on Motorcycles. Your friends at K and G Cycles want you to be able to have the added security of constant monitoring of your pressures so you achieve maximum traction, tire wear, fuel economy, and handling.

TireGard-TPMS-5-Products   Tire Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS) are an inexpensive insurance policy you take with you on every ride, to enhance your safety. TireGard is the market leader in delivering motorcycle TPMS choices to the rider. TireGard offers 5 distinct monitoring systems to fit your riding needs.  With your choice of monitors, you can select either a FOB style or the larger handlebar mounted display. Keeping with the versatile nature of these systems, you can select from both external and internal sensors. In addition, TireGard is the only manufacture that gives you a choice for 2 wheel displays, 3 wheel Trike displays or 4 wheel Bike, as well as a 2 wheel bike and 2 wheel trailer monitor display.

TireGard TPMS 4 BBP-13-317A    Monitors are designed to vibrate, flash and beep to warn of changes in pressure and temperature outside of the selected low or high settings. Light weight at  1/3 of an ounce, the external value stem cap sensors require no tire re-balancing and come with replaceable batteries. The sensors have a unique 20 minute “Battery Saver” mode, as well as G-Force sensing technology to reactivate the sensors when you restart your ride. The monitors are equipped with a one hour “Battery Saver” mode for longer life. Each TireGard TPMS kit includes a complete instruction manual, all the required batteries, and a silicone protective skin for the monitor. In most case, these kits can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

   So you see, when you turn to K and G Cycles we can provide you with the products you need to get you down the road safely. Promoting optimal wear, improved handling, and increased fuel mileage, TireGard TPMS is a must have for any motorcyclist on the road today.