Keeping track of your Tire Pressure without getting your hands Dirty

  One of the best ways to tiregardpromote longer tire life, better tire wear, improved handling, and increased fuel economy is to become obsessed with tire pressure and check it every chance you get. You could also make it a lot easier on yourself and pick up a wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System by TireGard. Available from your friends at K and G Cycles (, this system has the newly improved light weight sensors (weighing in at a scant 1/3 of an ounce) replace the screw on valve stem cap, and require no balancing of the wheels for calibration. These most recent design of the sensors deliver faster and better transmission time of pressure rating and temperature change. This latest version also provides continual data on the fly. With a patented anti-theft lock ensuring the sensors stay put, this monitor kit is going to give you years of service.

  Cutting edge G-force technology allow the sensors to determine when you are moving or parked, allowing the batteries to go into sleep mode when you are parked, conserving battery life. This system is fairly simple to install, with most installs taking merely minutes, and since it is 100% wireless, there are no modifications needed. TireGard has included soft silicone screen skins giving your investment added protection. With the Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System is available in 2, 3, or 4 wheel configurations, there is sure to be a kit for your needs. TireGard recommends removing the sensors if you have to use tire additives such as Tire Slime, Fix A Flat, Tire Goo, or Perma Seal.

  Peace of mind is a only a call or click away, so let the staff at K and G Cycles ( hook you up with the right Wireless Tire Pressure Monitor System from TireGard. Make the job of tire pressure maintenance simpler with this easy to use monitor system.