Keeping your Bike and Helmets Secure this Season!

   As we get ready to enter the Riding Season and Rally Season, I want to offer you a way to keep your belongings secure. There is no surefire way to keep a determined thief from getting what he wants, but you can slow him down or even divert him away from your stuff and on to another. The Crew at K and G cycles ( knows it is a drag when your bike or belongings get stolen. It is time to start using a Disc Lock and Helmet Lock to keep your possessions out of someone elses hands.

   Let’s start by ta48-0703 rotor lockking a look at the Disc Lock or Rotor Lock as they are sometimes called. Simple in design and function, the Disc Lock slips over the brake disc and a bolt or pin slides through a vent hole and locks into the other side of the device. Typically made of hardened steel to prevent easy destruction and having locks that are tamper resistant, a disc lock is a strong addition to the security force keeping your ride safe. When installed on a bike correctly, the lock will not allow the wheel to roll a complete circle. When applied to the front and rear of the motorcycle it will render the bike immobile. Some manufacturers even offer an insurance policy should the bike be stolen while using one of these devices.

   Since we are protecting ourHelmet lock 48-1732 possessions let’s turn our attention to the helmets. We are so used to just hanging our helmets on the mirrors, placing them on the seat, slipping them over the backrest, or even hanging them off the the pegs. That is just inviting theft and miserable feelings sure to ruin your ride. Now you can secure your helmet to your bike via an engine guard mounted Helmet Lock. These units utilize security screws to insure you can’t just walk up and remove the screws to net the bounty. they will also keep your helmet off the ground and away from the motor and help avoid any melting or burning or the helmet skin.

   There is never a sure bet we won’t become the victim of theft, but there are a few ways we can make it more inconvenient. A Disc Lock or 2 can lock your bike in place and thwart even the most determined criminal. K and G Cycles ( wants to make sure what belongs to you, stays with you. Helmets don’t need to on anyones head unless they paid for them and as we all know they can be pretty darn expensive. Lock down that helmet as well.

*If you are using a Disc Lock/Rotor Lock make sure you remove it before starting your motorcycle and attempting to pull away. Damage an or Injury could occur.