Keeping your Digits Warm with Heated Gloves

Where you live determines what type of gear you need due to the difference in temperatures. Let’s face it, if you live in the South or Southwest, your “Winter” riding gear will be different from those in the Great Lakes Region.  But no matter where you live gloves can play a very important part in the “off-season”. K and G Cycles ( has a great selection of gloves for everybody but today we will focus on Heated Gloves.

Gloveheated glovess are a very important weapon in the arsenal against cold weather riding. Whether you have a bike that has a fairing or one that doesn’t, our hands become a victim when cooler temps arrive, so why not add heating on demand? No I’m not talking about heated grips, although they are nice, but they’re not nearly as effective as a pair heated gloves. Even by basic design, most heated gloves have an extended cuff that enables you to tuck the sleeves of your coat into the glove to keep the cold off the wrist and lower arm. Heated Gloves can typically be plugged directly into a heated jacket liner so multiple control units are not needed. Not only do heated gloves keep your hands warm, they also offer you abundant protection from air born road debris. An additional benefit of heated gloves is waterproofing to keep your hands dry too. There is nothing worse than wet hands when it’s cold. Talk about a ride spoiler.

So you see, you are already going wear gloves, why not add warmth to them? At K and G Cycles ( our goal is to provide you with the accessories you need to make your riding experience the best it can be. From front to rear and everything in between, we’ve got just what you need to keep you on the road.