Keeping your Hands Safe with WingShields

“Our Hands” What is our most vulnerable part of our body for those of us that ride motorcycles that aren’t equipped with fairings? So much of the ride relies on our hands,  as all of the control is through them. We know if our hands are cold it affects us and the ride, we know if we get hit by an airborne object it affects us, so is there a solution other than going to a fairing bike? Yes there is and K and G Cycles ( is happy to pass it on to you. Wing Shield hand guards.

wingshieldWing Shields hand guards are the best answer to all of these problems. Wing Shields are designed to protect your hands from stones, bugs, and other road debris, as well as the cold. Made of tough as nails Lexan polycarbonate, Wing Shields are virtually UNBREAKABLE! Lexan is one of the toughest transparent materials available today (about 300 times stronger than single-strength glass) and is also weather-resistant, while remaining light weight! Translation – lightweight, transparent, virtually unbreakable protection for your hands while traveling on your motorcycle. Sure they could have stopped after giving you unmatched protection, but they continued and shaped them to curve over your hand grips on your bike. The shape and curve gives you an aerodynamic advantage allowing the wind to flow smoothly past your hands. Wing Shields are approximately 5″ at their widest point and approximately 12″ in length. Attaching to your bike quickly and easily to the mirror mounts, installation is a breeze. and the included hardware is made of Stainless Steel and aluminum giving you years of trouble free service.

Riding around vulnerable is not the best way to travel so connect with your friends at K and G Cycles ( via internet or phone (1888-50K-ANDG(505-2634) and get yourself a set of these Wing Shields. You’ll be glad you did.