Keeping Your Investment Protected with a Quality Cover

   With ATV’s and UTV’s becoming more and more popular, we have a tendency to enjoy their off-road capabilities when the weather doesn’t permit motorcycle riding. For many of us that usually entails trailering them to our favorite spot, cabin, or play field to get as dirty as possible. Most of us will clean them up before heading home while a few will wait because they don’t want to clean it twice. All the road grime that accumulates on your machine on the trip home can get pretty nasty and end up being tougher to clean than the days dirt, mud and dust. Have you ever dreamt of a way to protect your ride while you transport it from one spot to another? Let’s face it, road grime, seasonal residues such as sand, salt, and other “magic” spreads and sprays some states use to keep roads clear are nothing short of lethal. They can actually be tougher to clean the dust, dirt, and mud garnered while out riding.  K and G Cycles ( has what you need to protect your investment while it hitches a ride from Point A to Point B. The Transporter ATV Cover by Ultragard or The Guardian by Dowco – The best covers you’ll ever buy for your utility vehicle.

transport-cover1   Transporter ATV covers by Ultragard are painstakingly designed and engineered to withstand highway speeds (70+ MPH in some areas) with confidence while trailering your machine. Made of water resistant heavy duty polyurethane coated polyester, this cover protects against the elements travelers encounter while heading to their favorite destinations. The Transporter is a Road Cover and Storage Cover all in one affordable unit that won’t leave you disappointed. This heavy-duty cover features securing straps with quick release buckles specifically engineered to reduce buffeting. Six reinforced tie down slots allow access to anchor points positioned to properly secure your ATV to the trailer. It has a class exclusive front cut-out for most snowplow and winch attachments from many of the top manufacturers. This cover is designed to be installed immediately after dismounting your ATV with its scorch resistant heat shields that protects the cover from hot exhaust pipes and as well as the hot motor. A highly visible reflective logo adds a touch of safety while parked too. Additionally, a Smart Design front fuel access panel let’s you fuel up while the unit remains secured on the trailer. With it’s convenient storage pouch this cover is easily portable. The cover measures 47″W x 82″L x 46″H (offering more than enough coverage for most of todays ATV’s) and has a industry leading Five year warranty.

Dowco Guardian ATV Cvr TR-107165     Another offering we carry for ATV’s is the Guardian by DOWCO. Designed with many of the same features as the Transporter, this cover performs just as well. The main difference between the 2 is the warranty lengths. The Guardian has adjustable, sewn in straps that allow for a snug fit for many different models. It features zippered pockets and quick release buckles simplifying installation and removal. Unique to the Guardian is removable bottom straps that secure the front, back and sides while your machine is being trailered. Also form fit zippered pockets adjust to accommodate handlebars and the large lights mounted on them. If you need multiple tie down options, this one has 5 closable access ports providing you with plenty of attachment points. Sure it only has a 2 year warranty, but lets face it  – If you haven’t destroyed it in 2 years, it will almost certainly withstand anything you can dish out.

   We work our ATV’s hard and play with them even harder so clean up is a bit of a chore. Why make matters worse and add road grime to the filth? Get yourself a Transporter or Guardian ATV cover from K and G Cycles ( and keep the road off your ride when its on the trailer.