Kendon Trailer makes hauling a bike easy and has a small footprint.

How many times have yo 	CC-650647 Kendon DB507u gone to load the Dirt bikes and the board has snapped? Had them loaded in the bed of the truck only to watch them fall over as you head down the road. K and G Cycles (www, is proud to offer you a way to put those days behind you forever. The Db 507 Dirt Bike Trailer from Kendon.The Combo Dirt Bike Trailer is the ideal way to transport anywhere from one to three Dirt Bikes. With the upgraded 1500-lb hybrid axle, the Dual Sport Off Road Trailer can also be used as a Sport Bike Trailer and carry up to 2 Sport Bikes. Alternatively, it can handle one large Cruiser/Harley Motorcycle with ease.

The Dirt Bike Trailers include Kendon’s integrated wheel chock system with which loading, unloading, and tying down Dirt Bikes is a snap – and we all know that less time spent loading and unloading your bikes means more riding time! The Folding Dirt Bike Trailer has Kendon’s patented Stand-up capability and can be used for many different applications, including as a 3-Rail Offroad Trailer and Dual Sport Trailer. Additional uses of the Folding Trailer include as an Off Road Trailer for Dirt Bikes and Adventure Touring Applications. Kendon’s Dirt Bike Trailer is the ultimate way to transport your dirt bikes, sport bikes, or even a cruiser to and from your favorite locations to ride.

Key Dirt Bike Trailer features and benefits:

  • Wider Rail with Adjustable Wheel Chocks – Designed to accommodate larger and/or smaller diameter and width front wheels. You can now adjust the wheel chock to fit your front wheel.
  • Patented Independent Torsion Axle with removable spindle and SuperLube from Tie Down Engineering
  • Exclusive torsion bar suspension system
  • Double mounting brackets
  • Triangulated round tube steel frame featuring a race car style chassis design
  • Aesthetically beautiful with expanded metal/steel mesh decking and powder coating
  • Superior longevity… Kendon trailers hold their value and many are still in service for over 20 years

Model :    Dirt Bike / Combo Trailer
Part Number     DB507
Standard Color     Black
Paint/Coating     Powder Coated
Frame Material     Steel Tubing
Deck Area     52″ x 70″
Deck/Platform Type     Expanded Metal – Steel Mesh
Deck/Platform Height     13″
Weight     390 lbs
Load Capacity     1,500 lbs
Maximum Length     110″
Width     84″
Depth     27″
Standing Height     88″
Length from Front Tire to Rear Axle     Outside Rails 76″ – Center Rail 96″ (Max Bike Measurement)
Width Between Fenders     67″
Width Between Rails     Center to Outside 23″ – Outside to Outside 46″
Wheel/Tire Size     ST175/80D13 – 13″/Bias Ply
Wheel/Rim Type     8-Spoke Chrome/Steel
Wheel Bolt Pattern     5-on-4½
Hitch Class     Class 2 or Higher (recommended)
Hitch Height     21″ – 22″
Coupler/Ball Size     2″ Coupler – Requires 2″ Ball
Ramps – Qty/Size     1 Ramp – 45″ x 10½” (included)
Electrical Connector     4-Pin Flat
Suspension Type     Independent Torsion Suspension
Suspension Mounts     Double Mounting Brackets
End-Units/Hubs     Removable Spindle – SuperLube
Tongue Weight     10% – 15% of Total Load Weight (approximate)
Transportation Capabilities     Up to three (3) Dirt Bikes, up to two (2) Sport Bikes, one Cruiser style Bike and/or Car

When you are ready to move up to the big leagues and purchase one of the most versatile trailers available today, call K and G Cycles ( and get a Kendon Db 507 Stand-Up Trailer on it’s way. You’ll wonder how you went this long without one.