Kevin’s Ultra, Blue and Badd!

Hey Gang! As you know, our hardworking owners Kyle and George Marakas are avid bike owners and riders themselves. More of our crew has bikes too, and we want to share their stories and thoughts on motorcycling in general too. Kevin Plummer is our Operations Manager and generally has a busy hand in all facets of the biz here at K and G. He recently picked up this sweet Ultra Classic, and gave us the story of how it came to be. Here is his story!

As a kid I had ridden many scooters for kids, and three wheelers and had lots of fun with them all.  Even as a teen, I knew the freedom of two wheels, so before I was able to get my driver’s license, I purchased a Honda scooter to have transportation!

When I was 26 I purchased my first boat, and for the next 17 years the cost of owning the boat, wouldn’t provide the extra funds to also purchase a motorcycle.  Of course, we all know what boat stands for “Break Out Another Thousand”.  So, due to the investment within the boat, I just ignored my need to have a motorcycle.

In late 2010 I sold my boat, and had always planned on purchasing a bike, and for one reason or another things just didn’t work out.  Since I had worked for K and G Cycles since it’s beginning in 2006, and I had gone to a bunch of the motorcycle shows, it was just bound to happen!

The more I was around the motorcycles, the more the want and need became stronger, and almost like an inner animal instinct was saying “Buy a motorcycle!”. 

Well, this year at Sturgis I had announced to George and Kyle that I had been saving some money to purchase a bike for the spring of 2012, and the ball was now rolling.

In December I signed up to participate in the Harley Davidson Riders Edge program, which I do in April of this year.  And as things got closer and the money started piling up in the bank account, I became more and more anxious to locate just the right machine for me.  After much searching, and comparing prices, and even though it isn’t spring yet, I was able to locate and secure a great deal on a 2008 Ultra Classic, with a 103” Screaming Eagle engine.

The person that owned the motorcycle prior to me, had done some upgrades, but had not added any “Bling” to the bike.  And I am sure like all motorcycle owners, I have already been working on items I want to add to the motorcycle to make it my own, and yet not look like all the other motorcycles in the lineup at the next rally.

That is one of the nice things about owning a motorcycle and being able to get the parts through K and G Cycles; we offer all the “Bling” one needs to make that motorcycle different, and yet cost effective to allow you to dress up your bike the way you want it to be. I know I will have fun picking out just the right parts, and build it as I go.

I would like to hear your suggestions and favorite additions if you also have an Ultra, and get some ideas on great bang-for-the-buck “Bling” you’ve invested in.

So, if you are also looking to dress-up your motorcycle, check out all the nice items we offer here at K and G Cycles. If you don’t find what you are looking for, give us a call. We carry even more items than we can show online at this time!  So, chances are, we have it, and its just not online yet!

– Kevin Plummer