Kuryakyn, The Aftermarket Accessory King

In the Aftermarket Motorcycle Accessory world, there are big companies, and there are small companies, some turn out quality products, and some don’t. Then there are those that grew big because they constantly strived to provide the very best products to its customers. These are the companies K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) prefers to deal with so in the end we deliver the best products out there. Kuryakyn is one such company that has set the bar high, and continues to be the king of the hill when it comes to quality. From incredibly deep chrome, to industry leading designs, and a fit that rivals OEM specs, Kuryakyn has a humongous catalog of accessories for your H-D motorcycle.

Ever sit in stopKuryakyn Batwing eye lash ledsTR-496938 is a stylish safety addition-and-go traffic or at that 4-way stoplight that never seems to change on a hot summers day and the heat coming off your motor is just about unbearable? Well, we have the solution with these frame mounted polycarbonate saddle shields that are perfectly positioned on the frame to dissipate and re-direct the heat away from you and your thighs. With all the heat generated on these newer bikes, any amount of cooling will be a big hit. On your next hot weather outing, let the Smoked Saddle Shields by Kuryakyn help you enjoy your ride no matter how hot!

Beinled bat wing lashesg the innovators they are, Kuryakyn has come up with a cool way to add safety and unique looks to your ride. Lighted Bat Lashes add style as well as increase your visual foot print when the are installed. Hugging the lines of the Bat Wing Fairing found on Harley’s FLH line of Touring Bikes, These lashes are a great addition, especially if you are looking to increase how visible you are to others. Packed with L.E.D. lights that are sure to get you noticed, these lighted lashes are pretty simple to install with a minimal amount of drilling (yes, I said you have to drill through your outer fairing for your electrical hook up) and the rest is double sided tape. Also because L.E.D. lights are used, electrical draw is kept to a minimum. Available in chrome or black finishes to compliment any color combination your bike may have.

 Finally in my triso gripsiple crown of parts from Kuryakyn is the ever popular Premium ISO Grips ( if you like the ISO look, there are additional parts available that can transform your whole bike). Designed for the rider who demands the ultimate in comfort and style, Küryakyn offers the ISO-Grip. Styled to match the popular ISO-Pegs, they dampen handlebar vibration while providing a sure, cushioned feel for long haul comfort. Because of their unique removable end caps, this is one of the only custom grips available that may be used with stock air reservoir type handlebars. So if comfort and versatility is what you are looking for, look at the ISO grips from Kuryakyn.

 Kuryakyn is a name we trust and that is why K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) proudly offers their line of motorcycle accessories to you. Chrome so deep you could shave in it, fit so true you’d think it was OEM, and more innovative designs than Apple. There is a reason they are on top of the hill.