Larger Oil Capacities Create Better Cooling Opportunities

   We all know H-D’s are notorious for the heat they put off, especially the Touring Class bikes. Here at K and G Cycles ( it is our mission to locate Parts and Accessories that not only look good, but also perform well. We knew that finding a way to reduce the heat rolling off the motor was on the top of our list and found the good folks at Baker are producing an oil pan that allows an extra quart of oil. They have also relocated the supply and return lines allowing the oil longer cooling runs.

silver plus 1 baker   According to the engineers at Baker, “We bought a new 2007 FL to use for 7-speed transmission development work. The first thing we noticed was how hot the dang thing ran. In traffic, we could see those little heat wave squiggle lines (maybe a flashback) coming off the motor. We also discovered the 4-qt oil capacity, unchanged since 1993 (when the 80” motor made 49 hp), was inadequate for today’s standards.” They set out to design a new pan with a 5 qt capacity by going wider not deeper, hence the +1 Oil Pan. By taking a closer look at the stock pan they discovered it has the oil pickup and return in the front of the pan within 2” of each other. (not the best configuration for optimal cooling) So the pickup was moved to the rear of the new pan and the return stayed in the front for better oil circulation which ultimately led to enhanced cooling.

Some of the key features built into this increased capacity pan are:

  • Cast oil pans are 1-piece design and made with A356-T6 aluminum
  • Billet oil pans are 2-piece design and made with 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Feed and return on the stock pan are within 2” of each other. BAKER pans have feed in the back and return in front
  • Reduces engine oil temperature by 10-30º
  • Multiple integral baffles eliminate the stock plastic spring loaded baffle
  • Integral bosses for Alloy Art TXR® and True Track® stabilizers structurally located on the bottom
  • True bolt on part, no modifications required
  • Compatible with factory oil temperature sensor
  • 5 Year limited warranty

   The temperature of your motor oil plays a big factor in the life and longevity of your motor. An average of 14° oil temperature drop was recorded with the BAKER +1 pan vs. the stock pan. It also shows the longer and hotter the ride, the bigger the temperature differential. There have even been reports of up to a 30° temperature drop in the Nevada desert during the summer where temperatures can reach 110° easy. How’s that for results?

   Also for those of black plus 1 5 bakeryou interested in or already using a stabilizer, Baker made sure the new pan could accommodate them. They incorporated two bosses on the bottom to directly bolt the heim joint of both types of stabilizers to the oil pan. This ensures 2 things: The speed wobbles on a high speed sweeper can still be brought under control with aftermarket stabilizers. The reduction in temps afforded with the new pan increase the life and longevity of your motor. Customers have reported a range of 10°to 30° cooler operating temperatures. I don’t know about you, but if my FLHTC was that much cooler, it would be amazing.

   With models available in Cast or Billet 2-piece versions and 4 finishes (Silver or Black with highlighted fins, or Show Polished or Show Chrome ), plus fitments from 1993-2008 model bikes. In addition, they have also developed a Plus 1.5 version for 2009 and newer bikes that have the new frame. With the substantial increase in engine size, torque, and power comes equally increased engine temperatures. The bigger the bore = the less cooling surface, the more torque = more heat, leaner fuel settings = higher temps. Contact K and G Cycles ( to get on the road to cooler temps and extended engine life.