Le Pera turns 40, and isn’t shy about it!

In 1972, a teenager named Bob Le Pera wanted a custom interior for his Supercharged Lark, but his parents told him he was not allowed to go south of the border to get it. Having grown up in the shadows of his Family’s Leather Shop, Bob picked up the skills early on that allowed him to craft exotic wallets, belts, and watch bands, and ultimately his own custom interior for the Studebaker. Showing off his work at school and local hot spots proved to be just what the doctor ordered because people were so impressed with his work, they began showing up at his parents looking to get a “Bob Le Pera Custom Interior”. After seeing his talent become in demand, Bob cut his teeth with World Renowned Motorsports Upholsterer Tony Nancey who specialized in dragsters, show and exotic cars for some of the biggest names in Drag Racing and Hollywood. With the ’70’s approaching and the Chopper scene taking off, Bob began to realize he was creating an unbelievable amount of custom motorcycle seats, and this led to throngs of people being able to see his work. Believing there was a need for seats that had a  superior design, were higher quality, and showed the true craftsmanship of custom motorcycle seats, he decided it was the right time to make his dream became a reality and LePera Enterprises was born in 1972. K and G Cycles(www.kandgcycles.com) wants to Congratulate Le Pera Seats on the 1st 40 years, and raise a glass to the next 40!

Upon the 40th Anniversary, Le Pera issued this sentiment –

“This year we are incredibly proud to be celebrating our 40th anniversary! Being able to say we’ve done something that is our passion for four decades, makes us truly fortunate. It is this passion that’s the driving force behind creating the highest quality, most comfortable, best looking seats for you and your Harley. Simply check out our catalog and it is immediately apparent what we mean. From the radical design of the Villain, to the comfort of the new Backrest series, every LePera seat is meticulously handcrafted with the highest attention to detail.

 With a mountain of hard work, perseverance, heart and soul, we have built a company that honestly cares about you and the seats we create. We’ve had the this work ethic from the beginning and know what it takes to succeed. We wouldn’t run our company any other way. So here’s to you, our customer (past, present and future), to Bob Sr., to our exceptional employees, to our families and to everyone else that allow us to continue on this incredible ride. Here’s to another 40 – Cheers!

Bob Jr. & Christine LePera”

This is exactly the reason K and G Cycles chooses to do business with Le Pera. Simply put, they understand what their customer wants, and deliver an outstanding product. You can find the whole line up of quality Le Pera Seats on our website (www.kandgcycles.com) or follow the links below. Whether you want Solo or Two-Up, Gel or no Gel,  Production V-Twin or Custom build there is a great custom seat available for you. Regardless what you ride, every Le Pera Seat is built following these guideline to ensure the highest quality seat around.

> Comfort in each seat is produced by our specially poured high
density “Marathon” molded foam foundation.

> All seats are built on a beautifully powder-coated steel base plate
edged with a metal reinforced vinyl protectant.

> The bottom of every base plate is carpeted providing a friction-
free surface between seat and fender.

> Every inch of material is pulled tight around the edges and
trimmed leaving only the cleanest finish possible. (We know
you can’t see the bottom of our seats when they’re on the bike,
but its the little details that make a LePera seat… A LePera seat.)

> All LePera seats are covered with a premium naugahyde or top
grain leather.

> All covers are double stitched with bonded polyester thread.

The outstanding craftsmanship, as well as cutting edge design, have put them at the forefront of the custom Harley seat world. Focusing on Harleys exclusively has enabled Le Pera to create the perfect relationship between seat and motorcycle. They have crafted a defining balance between form and function with every seat they make. giving it its own unique style that transforms the personality of your bike. Sone of the most popular seats are based on what is called “pure form.” These seats rely solely on a shape so pure, they singlehandedly create the look and flow of the motorcycle. The Silhouette, King Cobra and Bare Bones are three such designs. Their simplistic lines are what make them the most stylish seats available today. Even the touring based seats are an exercise in style, form and function. Both the Maverick and the new Sorrento are intentionally designed to compliment, not overpower the lines of the bike. Their relative low profile and non-confining contours contrast the traditional, bulky “road couches” available elsewhere. At LePera, they’re always taking seat design to the next level. That’s what has built the outstanding  reputation as a trendsetter … constantly pushing the limits of what a seat can be. 

le_pera-bare-bonesle_pera-SillhouetteLePera Daytona Sub Cat

LePera Daddy Long Legs Sub Categorylepera-logole_pera-maverickle_pera-villainle_pera-metal-flake-solole_pera-serrento