Leader Keeps you Dry With Desert Dawgs

desert dawgs   As you know with beautiful riding weather in the Summer, there is always that chance for a pop up shower. I want to introduce you to product that will help you combat being soaked, Desert Dawgs from Leader Motorcycle. Leader Motorcycle is best known for being able to securely and safely mount almost any electronics gadget to your motorcycle. What they are also known for is their “Desert Dawgs“ soft lower fairings that offer rain and cold weather protection. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) is proud to bring you the complete line of Leader Motorcycle Accessories.

desert dawgs with pocket   Desert Dawgs are soft lower motorcycle chaps (aka rain guards) that eliminate road spray and block the cold keeping you warmer without a bulky fiberglass lower fairing that you ride with or without! Desert Dawgs can be installed or removed in about the same amount of time it takes to put on your rain gear. Form fit to cover the engine guard whole, installation is easy as they wrap around the engine guard. Some models include the “Ultra Pocket”, an external pocket that provides extra storage! Check out the great features of Desert Dawgs by Leader Motorcycle:

  • Designed to  minimize cold updrafts – this extends your ride
  • Desert Dawgs repel road spray from front wheel and flared front fender – leaves you clean and dry
  • Keeps bug juice and guts off your motorcycles chrome (and legs!) – less cleaning time you and the bike
  • Allows engine cooling in all conditions– NO temperature restriction!
  • Simple, easy on/ easy-off installation. 3 snaps, belt clip and hook-and-loop attachments
  • Does not affect handling characteristics of the motorcycle – except for the protection it gives you, you’ll hardly know it’s there
  • Brass and Stainless Steel snaps won’t rust – built for the long haul with quality parts
  • Nylon thread makes for the strongest product you can buy – made to last
  • Accommodates all standard foot peg settings (6-inch opening) – no need to compromise comfort

desert dawgs burgandy   Desert Dawgs are made with top-quality leather-touch vinyl. This vinyl looks like leather but lasts longer and doesn’t require any maintenance or special treatment! Roll ‘em, fold ‘em … stuff ‘em in your saddle bags. Cleaning requires only soap and water.

When you want to reduce the cold, repel the moisture, and keep your chrome cleaner, consider Desert Dawgs be Leader Motorcycles. Contact K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) today so you can extend your riding season.