Leggings – A great alternative to bulky gear

Do you enjoy riding in the cool weather like me, but hate bundling up? Today I rode to work and it was a brisk 21 degrees (70 for those of you in The Great White North) and in all honesty the only part of me that got “Cold” was my legs. Trying to figure out how to remedy this, I came across this great alternative to chaps or a riding suit, leggings,  while looking on our website, K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com).

Leggings are a greatleggings1way to cut the cold temps and look cool all at the same time. To ensure a snug fit, and to increase comfort on a motorcycle, leggings or half chaps are all weather, all temperature, ideal alternative to hot and bulky chaps! With a tapered fit and unique design leggings are made to withstand  the punishing elements yet be as comfortable as a good pair of blue jeans. Featuring tough stitching and a strong, smooth operating zipper on the sides,as well as Spandex Analine Cowhide that adds a more custom fit to your leggings and insuring maximum comfort.  Just zip ’em on and go.  As they break in, they settle down over the top of your boots and are frequently mistaken for extra tall boots.  The difference being, you have leather protection over the knee, and when you arrive at your favorite restaurant and zip off your leggings, you’re not walking around in your socks.

When you want to extend your riding season and don’t want to wear so much gear you don’t enjoy it, head over to K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com)and pick up a pair of leggings for yourself. Small enough to stow in the saddlebags when not in use, big enough to provide you more than enough protection when you need.