Let The Warlord Keep you Organized

   How often have you put your camera, phone, or GPS in your saddlebag at the beginning of the ride only to find it at the bottom when you need it? Digging through a tightly packed saddlebag can be a drag. There has got to be a better way right? Yep, and K and G Cycles has the answer – The Warlord Motorcycle Saddlebag Tray. Those days of unorganized mayhem are over.

Warlord saddlebag tray FS-WST-0013L   The Warlord Saddlebag Tray available in 2 models Part # FS-WST-0013L (1993-2013) and Part # FS-WST-0014 (2014 and newer) is a must-have accessory, and the best choice for keeping your Harley Touring Saddlebags organized. The tray is constructed of durable ABS plastic and the mounts are polished stainless steel.  This saddlebag tray is the ONLY full-length saddlebag organization tray available. Best of all, there is no modification to your current set up required. The organizer mounts using existing mount points, so installation is a breeze. The Warlord trays are designed to fit Harley Davidson Hard Touring Saddlebags 1993 – 2013. Unlike other saddlebag trays that only cover half of your motorcycle saddlebag, these motorcycle saddlebag trays cover the full length and width of your motorcycle saddlebag. When you need to get to the item at the bottom of the saddlebag, simply lift the tray out with one hand and you have access to the basement.

   With most of us lining the bottom of our bags with Rain Gear, Lightweight jackets and Gloves, we need a place to stash the small stuff. The Warlord Motorcycle Saddlebag Tray is the best option out there. Knowing your electronics, tools, or other small items will always be within easy reach is worth the price of admission. Available at K and G Cycles your only decision is whether you get one for the left, the right or both. Just think how great it will be to never have to dig into the deep dark abyss to find those smaller essential items again!