Lifesaver TCB Braking Control System

TCB Braking System that acts like ABS brakes for your motorcycle could save your life!

George and Kyle tTCB Braking Systemested the TCB Brake system on their 2006 Harley Davidson Ultra, and they were very impressed with the stopping power of these bad boys!  When you want your bike to stop it’s all about braking safety it’s worth publishing a post to let you know about it.  What is TCB?   It is a hydraulic brake control valve that helps prevent premature wheel lock up and that you can easily install by replacing the brake or master cylinder banjo bolt.  Why You Ask? A sudden or quick stop shifts 70% of the weight of the motorcycle to the front wheel.  A shift in weight to the front wheel during sudden deceleration makes the back of the motorcycle lighter and that results in the rear wheel locking up and skidding.

How does the TCB really work?  It is a Hydraulic Control Valve. When brakes are applied it creates a pressure spike that locks on the high and low spots on the rotor, which can cause your wheel to lock. In a panic situation the motorcyclist typically over brakes. The TCB turns the pressure spike into a pressure wave, allowing the brake pad to apply an equal amount of pressure to the entire rotor.  Because of this the brakes do not lock as early or as easily after you install this valve.  What happens in the event the TCB Valve were to fail?   The company states that your bike’s original braking system will still work without leakage.  Your brakes will work and feel just like they did before the valve was installed.   I would also like to make mention that this is not adding ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) to your bike, but the TCB does react like an ABS Brake System.   Have Any Additional Questions?   Visit K and G Cycles at:  to order your TCB Brake System or call them at: 888-505-2634.