Lift Your Bike for a Fraction of the Cost

   With over 101 reasons why you should own a motorcycle jack, I want to take a minute and introduce you to a great alternative to those huge shop lifts that can cost over $1000. Sure it is a smaller version, but offers some of the same great features as the big boys.  The V-Lift, available from K and G Cycles ( works well when space and money are concerns, but you still want to get the job done. The V-Lift is available in 2 different versions depending on your needs and the bike you have.

Part # 16-1small v-lift993: The smaller of the 2 is 16″ when fully extended, but shrinks to a miniscule 4″ when closed, making this lift easy to store when space is at a premium. Now the 16″ is no wimp when it comes lifting capability with an astonishing 4 Ton limit, this lift can handle a lot. Made in The U.S.A. from structural grade steel that exceeds lifting requirements, this lift utilizes a foot operated pump and release mechanism. As the saying goes. “Good things come in small packages.” and the V-Lift does just that. Included as a safety feature is a “Stay Bar” that will keep the unit in its full up position when being used. Another reason to put one in your garage is these lifts are very affordable, making them great gifts too.

Part # 16-2008big v-lift:  The second offering from V-Lift is the 24″ tall lift that when closed also measures the same scant 4″ tall so storing it is a pretty simple task. The taller lift also benefits from a higher lifting capacity ( a whopping 6 tons of brute force) capable of lifting any bike you can throw at it. . Made from the same high strength structural grade steel in The U.S.A. the bigger lift also employs the same convenient foot pump and release, as well as the “Stay Bar” safety feature. Since we are on the topic of safety, the manufacturer recommends tie downs be used all models that have eyelets to enhance and ensure safety.

   Just because something costs less, doesn’t mean you get less, you merely get a different package in which the features are delivered. The V-Lift offers the same lifting capabilities as much bigger and more expensive units, in a smaller easy to handle package. Call the Crew at K and G Cycles ( to order one up for yourself or as a gift.